FU WORK Prepping Upgrade

Now that you have learned how to do the HTM and STM, let’s add them into the FU WORK Prep every time so the court can witness your FU work.

There are three things to do before you write FU:

  1. Open Portal and inform the god
  2. Run the Code
  3. Activate the Page

Remember these three things in ORDER. Let’s see a demonstration of the FU WORK Prep, follow and do it together (you can use English spells):


After you are done writing all the FU, here is what you do to conclude the session:

In the video above, you have learned to do the “heart stamp” to the FU, which is a hand sign-code method of stamping with your “Ling Sum Stamp,” which is the heart that represents your magic heart in the energy body. You should do this every time to the pile of FUs you have drawn.  The words for the handsign are 天地法令行, Tian Di Whua Nieong Hong (Sky Ground Magic Command Go).

Then after the stamping, you can STM (close the portal). However, even if you didn’t STM, the portal will close when your heart is off this event.