Power Life of a FU

One question you might have in the mind is “how long does the FU last?”

We know how battery on the phone last but a FU is not like that. A FU is a ticket, not an electronic device. Like you write a ticket to ask the chef to cook something then he will cook it for you.

The power of the FU comes from the god that is put into it when you do your HS0. This god is the Saam Law Jo Si which is cloned out of the original one from your body.

You can imagine that a god is sent to the FU and will follow the FU around, as long as the FU sticks to the subject, that god will keep doing the job until its mission is finished. What is the mission?

For example, the mission of this FU is “to protect the person” then it will protect the person. Once a threat is there, the god will try to protect. That’s it. The power of HOW LONG it will last depends on the faith from the person writing the FU and also the person who is being protected. As long as YOUR faith is there, the god will still be there and the power will still be there.

HOWEVER, what happen most of the time is the physical body of the FU being damaged. Once the physical body is damaged to a certain point, the FU will also loses power. It’s like a person with a strong soul, but the body got broken, then it’s like you are still strong inside but your body is wrecked and cannot move. That weakens the FU. That is why we like to put the FU into objects that is harder to be damaged or we will use a pouch or something to protect the FU when carrying it around.  It’s not the GOD in the FU that is dead or gone, it’s the body of the FU that gave the god limitation.

In case your FU is wet or put into laundry by mistake, the paper got “melted” and words are dissolved, then of course you know its time to write a new FU.

Sometimes the FU will give you HINT – such as you would accidentally drop the FU or the FU just got lost, then it is also a sign of the FU’s life is ending because the god must have taken an impact for you already and the FU needs to be replaced. Sometimes the impact taken is too big and the FU god have to use up all his power to deal with it, then you need to replace it with a new FU.

Don’t treat FU like a battery, it is not like that at all. Treat it like a person sent to help you do something, as long as the ticket is there, job will be done. When your faith and trust is gone, the god is also dead. It all powers from your HEART.

In case you are using a protection FU now, you can think about replacing it every month if nothing much happen during that month. Why? Because every month your magic power also grows and you learn more things, so why not make a new FU with more power and let that old FU god retire? :)