FU HEAD Homework

Every month (lunar), you will have to submit “homework” to the court, and Saam Law Palace is where your homework will be handed to. This homework is for the gods to see how much you have learned and how much magic power you deserve to have and decide on how to guide and help you for the next month. In return, the gods will give you a replenishment of magic power every other month. It is our “must-do” to submit our homework monthly, regardless of the amount. If you are busy, do less, but don’t miss it.

Find yourself a lunar calendar app or learn to read the Chinese ones because it is just a few numbers in Chinese that you need to know to be able to tell when the lunar 1st and 15th are.

The first FU HEAD you should learn is the Saam Law FU HEAD, and then moving down the list of the 10 main fu heads: Tin Law, Dei Law, Daai Law, Sun Lung, Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui, Baak Hork and Bagwa Jo SI.

You should learn them in order. FU HEADs come with their spells, too; you can get the FU HEAD hard copy book, which includes over 40 FU HEADs which should be more than enough for you now.

You will now learn the Saam Law FU HEAD as your first FU HEAD. Every FU HEAD comes with a spell; you will recite the spell after drawing the FU HEAD, which completes the “password.”


XXXX(god name) Jaai Chai,

Jia Niam Jia Doe, Jia Niam Jia Nieong, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong.

English Spell:

XXXX is here,
come immediately, respond immediately, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

XXXX would be Saam Noh Ju Cia in this case for the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD.

After writing the FU HEAD, hammer the black blob spot 3x with the non-writing end of the pen/brush like the FU DARM.

These FU HEADS must be stamped using the “Moon Command Stamping method.” Choose which setup to use according to the lunar month you consume these FU HEADs.

Odd month – Moon Big (Top Saam Law, Bottom Heart)

Even month – Moon Small (Top is Heart, Bottom is Saam Law)

Every odd month, the Saam Law Palace will give you magic power replenishment and the “awards” you deserve.

You will submit homework to Saam Law Palace every month to show your progress.

If you have an altar, the heart stamp location would be changed to Jo Si Stamp (physical stamp) representing your altar Jo Si. However, most of you, at this point, don’t have this yet. Upgrade later!

Watch the video to learn how to do the FU HEAD writing: