Your First Practical Magic Lesson

觀師訣 Master Visualizing Method

This magical method is very important, because it helps you connect to the source of power and allows the channelling to initiate. Without this, you are not getting anything from the source. To execute this method, 觀師默相 (Visualizing the Master) needs to be done. The master is the “source” and in this case you are using the altar at HQ as the source.

Close your eyes and think of the HQ’s altar, recall its appearance. It is a simple task which is done in a flash, just like how you would recall your house or car in a split second. With that flash, you are already connected and channelling can begin.

To cultivate and make it stronger, you would need to sit down and be quiet, then close your eyes and visualize it while giving it more details, try to make out the details in parts and the more you can recall what’s on the altar, the better it is. This exercise can be done anywhere and anytime, even when you are on the bus or waiting for your food in a food court. It can also be done secretively, no one knows you are doing this and might just think that you are sleeping or taking a break.

When executing the method for real situations, you only need to use the “flash” method and there is no need to slowly make out details. After this flash is done, you are connected to the HQ’s altar and can start activating the seven star sword finger, which can allow you to use the power from HQ directly.

Have the God from HQ at Yours

To make it even better and easier to do the magic, get a Saam Law Jo Si FU and invite a god from the HQ's altar to your location!  Inject the FU into an object such as a coin and you can even wear it or carry it anywhere.

Also suggest a product "Mini Dragon Sword Token" which you can use to make everything easier.

Disciple’s Seven Star Sword Method

The “Disciple Seven Star Sword 弟子七星劍.” This magical sword is sealed into each disciple's sword finger. Activating this sword finger allows disciples to draw power directly from the HQ's altar, enabling them to project magic wherever they wish. You'll now channel the cultivated power from HQ, elevating your magic above newbie status.

  1. Hold sword finger, close the eyes, visualize HQ’s altar.
  2. Open the fingers and do the dotting with the spell using Saamlawnese or the English version if desired.
  3. After “Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong,” stomp left foot, turn wrist and form the sword finger in upright position, say “Ki!” and stomp the right foot at the same time.

Saamlawnese Version

貪巨祿文廉武破,七星法劍來,急急如律令, 起

Taam Ju Lu Min Liam Whuo Poh

Chia Xieong Whua Gim Loy

Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong, Ki!

English Version


Seven Star sword come,

Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong, Ki

Step #1 can change the source that you are drawing from. For example, if you visualize your own altar, then it will become a sword finger that draws power from your own altar. However, the agreement and authorization must be made in advance for this magic to work. That means you cannot just connect to another disciple’s altar and draw power from their altar, since they never approved or agreed.

Dotting the Heart

An enhancement to the “flashing method” of Sun Kuet, simplifying the creation of a Sun Toy (god). Instead of intricate sun kuet movements, each disciple now has a magical “Daai Gut Saam Ching Seal 大吉三清印” in their heart area. Simply touch your heart with the sword finger, and with a blow of air skywards, a Sun Toy can be created and deployed externally. You'll be able to learn the details through our upcoming video content. Feel free to perform as many heart spells as you wish before touching your heart, combining all these gods into one upon external evocation.

  1. Hold sword finger at the heart, stomp the HS you need (left foot)
  2. Dot the heart with the sword finger and then point outward and upward with Yang sword
  3. Tilt the head upward and blow by sticking the tongue out first and then pulling the tongue back as you blow upward. This gives the signal to the god inside to come out.
  4. Following step 3, the sun toy will come out form the top of your head, and you will then use the sword finger to control it. This sun toy will become a god once you assigned it a task and send it out to execute the task.

Tai Chi 13 Sword Method

You now have the ability to personalize FA JEE using your own language, paired with a fundamental “Tai Chi Sword Method 太極劍法” for your Seven Star Sword finger. (Tai Chi = Communication!) This makes the process easier and more accessible for newcomers. For instance, you can write “cleanse” over a cup of water to give it the magical power to cleanse, or grant a jacket "protection" power by writing “protect” over it using your magical sword. Detailed instructions will follow in a video tutorial.

  1. Yang – output, giving
  2. Yin – take away, receiving
  3. Neutral – stay, communicating
  4. Straight down – Deployment (go into here)
  5. upper left – Give information (I got a jacket here)
  6. upper right – Assign task (Give protection to it)
  7. horizontal – Start or Stop (Begin now)
  8. lower left – Reject communication (I don't want this)
  9. lower right – Reject and backfire (bounce it back to them)
  10. circling – CW to input, CCW to withdraw
  11. push - Forward
  12. pull – Come back
  13. dotting – Input entered

Practical Applications

With these awesome methods, every disciple will be able to harness magic with ease and draw upon a power source greater than their own. However, it's crucial to remember the origin of your power. Never forget to cherish your connection with the source, the gods at HQ, and the Cia Juan(s) who cultivated this power pool for your usage. Virtue is vital to maintaining strong and accessible magic.