Portal to the Religious Court

Learn the magic we call Hoi Tin Moon and Sau Tin Moon, the open and close portal to the “sky,” which is the religious court. Anything you HTM to will connect to the religious court like a portal is opened between two worlds. You must know this magic to use the court’s power to advance your FU work.

Here are the spells; feel free to learn the ENGLISH version if you don’t know Chinese.

Anytime you want to HTM, you must “flash” the master spell first. STM doesn’t require that to be done because the portal is already opened. Hold the sword fingers at the heart and flash the master spell, stomp left foot 1x, and then do the HTM.

HTM - Opening



Yim Yang Yiou Lu Lu Bu Koi,

Xuan Ki Ya Juan Yip Sin Toy,

Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong


Tian Di Whuo Gi, Yim Yang Koi Lu, Koi!

English Spell for HTM

Both ways are closed now aligned, swirl and swirl the god is born,

Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

Two worlds overlays, channels now open, KOI!

STM (Closing)


Tian Di Whuo Gi, Sin Whua Xiou Lu, Xiou!

Two worlds overlays, close the magic way, Xiou!

Note: two worlds = the religious court and this world you are in now (reality).

Now, let’s move on and learn the movements, which I will demonstrate in the video below:

English Spells Demo

This is the symbol you are drawing in the air, it’s the HTM portalling symbol.


Remember to practice it daily to memorize the spell and movements. You must memorize this clearly and not just “flash” it out. You can also practice the master spell more since you need to “flash” it and use it often now. The master spell cannot be in English because it’s mostly the god’s name anyway, so we will stick to Saamlawnese, just like the heart spells.