Building Your First Altar

An altar is very powerful because it provides 24/7 power for your magic and gives you protection!  Building an altar is easy. First, you must understand that an altar is only a place for you and the god to communicate, which means it doesn’t needs to be big and fancy to begin with. You will now begin to build your altar.

First, you need to have a body to represent the god you worship, Saam Law Jo Si.

You have two options; one is to print the Sun Paai on a piece of 11x8.5 red paper and frame it up. If you do not have access to a printer, you can also make it simple by getting a small piece of paper/cardboard/card and draw the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD on it with a black marker. Either way is fine at this stage.

Learn the FU HEAD from the video and copy it a few times to get comfortable with it. Then, draw it on the paper/card to make your final copy.


Place the Sun Paai or FU HEAD paper on a table like it is a statue facing you. Stand back a bit and fire the Sun Kuet of HS0 into it. By doing so, you are cloning the god inside you into the Sun Paai or FU HEAD. Now this object is a body of the new god you have created.

Now that the god is in front of you, you can greet the god to welcome its arrival. Make the heart incense handsign at heart level, bow 1x and then move the handsign to the forehead level and bow 1x.

Congratulation, the altar setup is now completed.

Let’s move on to the next step which is to learn about how to open the altar and connects to the religious court.