Purifying FU Part 3

Deployment of the Purifying FU can be done in many ways. You can use the FU by itself, as you have learned before. You can burn it and let the flame mark the things to be purified; it’s not the magical fire, it’s just that you are signalling and talking to the magical powers like making a gesture to relay the message, like how you instruct people to cross the road or stop their car. Don’t mistake that the flame itself has any magical powers. This is also a common misunderstanding by many people… they think the FIRE itself burns away evils, which is ridiculously wrong.

Another method is to purify using the water method, which requires you to burn the FU into a bowl, then add water. This allows you to sprinkle the water over things or mix it into a bathtub to soak yourself (clothing, bedding, etc.). You can also mix the FU WATER into the laundry too. The difference between the water and fire method is that water “adds” energy to things to make them purify; the fire method aggressively pushes out unwanted things to purify. Water is good for most situations; fire is used for removing negative energies or evil energies.  You can compare it to bathing with water versus using a grinder to grind away your skin; both “cleanse” out stuff, but you don’t need to grind your skin every day to “bath.”

Another method is to burn the FU into a tool and then use the tool to “clean up” things while your magical power goes out through this tool. For example, injecting the FU into a flashlight and then using the light to beam around the house to cleanse the house. This can allow you to cleanse the house faster than sprinkling water.

You can also inject the FU into a sanitizing spray gun. You might think of putting the FU WATER into the bottle of that spray gun, but that is not a good idea because the little bits of ash would clog the pipe, and your gun will not work anymore. Therefore, I would put the FU into the gun instead. Spray and “sanitize” evils out of the house or car!

Follow the video below and purify using the water, fire and light methods. Make more FUs if needed!