God Invoking Ceremony

God Invoking is called 請神 Cheng Sun in Cantonese, or Chieong Sin in Saamlawnese. It's simply like inviting the gods to come to your place to witness and help you with things. By learning this method here, you are invoking the gods to come over from the religious court. This allows you to worship the gods above, and also to do cultivation with the gods in front of you etc. Even if you are doing a ceremony (like exorcism and house cleansing) you can do this to pack in more power for better result.

Step 1 - Learn the Special Sword Finger

Step 2 - The RC Communication FU SC04 (fu book)

Step 3 - Without Altar

Step 4 - With Altar

Step 5 - Submitting Letter

For the spells you need, it is in the "God Invoking Spellbook" and the MP3 you can search in this wonderful organized "MP3 List". If any questions, ask me on LINE!