FU Transformation

FU is useful but sometimes you cannot “show” the FU for some reasons or need the FU to be more “durable” in case it gets wet or something, then you need to know how to “transform” the FU.

Transformation of the FU means to change the “body” of the FU from the paper that holds the power to another thing such as a key, glasses, door, plush toy, flashlight or anything.

  1. Fold the FU in half vertically, and then burn the top of the FU.
  2. Circle the FU flame over the thing you need the FU power to go into. Do 3x CW circle and then “dip” in the center, then put the FU into a bowl to continue burning.
  3. Trash the ashes. You are done!

Burning the TOP will allow you to transfer the fu and power into something so the new object will become the FU’s body. For example, you burn the protection fu into a jacket, then the jacket IS the protection FU.

Burning the BOTTOM will execute the task and USE the FU’s power. For example if you burn the FU on the jacket, then the FU will exert the power ON the jacket to protect it, instead of making the jacket a protection tool. 

For now, you will burn the TOP for doing the transformation to put the FU into another object. That way you can hide the FU completely and let the FU be in another body that is stronger or more durable or suitable for the job.

For example, you can make your jacket, door, hat, shoes, a protection FU too. Then the protection power follows those things and not the paper. Even better!

Oh, if you want to burn the FU into multiple objects, you can also do this – take the FU in your hand and point the TOP toward the objects in front of you, do a big circle, then dot on each of the object, then 3x big CCW to “select” the whole group of things, then burn and do the normal burning in front of the group of objects. This will allow the FU to split a clone into each object you have selected, which save you time from writing many FUs for all the items.