Home Protection FU

Now you should be disciplined and keep doing these daily and monthly routine. Every month you are upgrading with the knowledge and magic power, and your gods at the altar are also upgrading with you. Therefore, you can also draw power from the altar more often instead of always using the RC’s power. That way you can cut down the time for “chick fu” and such.

Daily Routine

Greet the gods 2x a day at your altar. (morning and evening)

Request help from the god by using FUs as tickets.

Give offerings to thank the god.

Daily Rite

Monthly Routine

Lunar 1st  

Chick and Drink FU HEAD to submit your homework to Saam Law Palace.

Lunar 15th

Open the altar and then go cleanse and purify your house.

Home Protection

Here is a FU to learn, and also the footer that you can use for the altar power as the loop. This is very similar to the footer frame for the RC’s power, but not exactly the same.



Left turn comes to life, right turn comes the light,

Altar beams through center path, Saam Law magic from the sky,

True form in it goes, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong.

The FU you will learn is called a Home Protect and Secure FU, which tells the god at the altar to clone itself and go to somewhere the FU will be taped, and then stay there to help protect and guard the place. This can be very useful homes, office or car. It will use the altar as the supporting loop.

After writing the FU, you can stamp it with the heart stamp in the center and it’s good enough. If you have the Jo Si Stamp already then use that stamp on the FU’s center. Chick the FU and tape it up!

You can tape this FU at the entrance area of your house, tape it higher up so the FU is like a light bulb shining down to the entrance area, or you can tape it outside to face the exterior area for guarding.