Writing Your First Taoism FU

FU is a very useful and powerful way of doing magic. It’s like a ticket of request, which allows you to deploy the god’s power to places that needs help.

The first FU I will teach you guys is a protection FU which you can carry with you or gift it to someone to protect them. This is your FIRST FU, and so I am not expecting you to have altar and all that tools. You do not need anything but a writing tool such as a pen or marker, and a piece of paper.

At this stage you don’t need the official yellow paper, any paper is fine. You can also use the memo pads if you want.

The power of this FU will be from the god inside you that you can connect with HS0. The more you use the power, the more powerful your god becomes; therefore, try to use the FU more and more, then the power will grow over time. Use it for yourself, your friends, your family, etc.

  1. Clamp the pen/marker and the paper in your palms, recite the HS0 internally, stomp left foot, bring the hands up to the forehead level and bow 1x with the intention of “I am writing FU now.”
  2. Take the pen’s non-writing end and hammer the paper’s top, bottom and center 3x each. If you have a stack of paper, you can do it over the whole stack in one go.
  3. Start writing the FU.
  4. The FU DARM (the blob) - keep doing circle CW while thinking of "HOW" the protection is done, for example "protect me while I am driving..". Giving more information will help the FU to know how to help you better.
  5. When complete, hammer the FU’s bottom (the blob) 3x with the non-writing end to seal.


There are spells in the strokes, but since this is your FIRST FU, we will keep things simple. Just do your best. Spells will be memorized as you learn and do more often.

Sanctifying the FU

Take the FU and clamp between your palms, HS0 and stomp left foot 3x, right foot 3x, bow 1x, give it a blow, and it’s now sanctified with the god inside you.

That’s it, you can use it by folding it up and carrying or you can tape it somewhere etc. This is a Protection FU which can be used for carry or taping around.


It is always a good idea to keep the pen and paper you use for FU writing "pure" and so spare a special pen/marker for the FU would be nicer. However, at this stage with the HS0 power, any marker/pen will do the job.

If you have an altar already, you can always put the FU on the altar to be empowered/charged by the gods while you are sleeping, then it would get more powerful for the next day.

If you made a lot of the same FU and forgot which one is for who = you can use another pen/pencil to write a note on the back of the FU, like marking the name of the person or write like "house-door" etc.