Chick FU with RC Upgrade

After learning all the parts like Hoi Gwong, Chick Spells, HTM etc., you are now ready to go through the whole ceremony of Chick FU with RC with no incense and physical altar. (*Any disciples can do it)

  1. Light candles (handsign - Sun Gwong Kuet)
  2. Ring the bells (handsign – Ling Gwong Kuet)
  3. Incense with heart spells and MS
  4. HTM to open a connection to the court
  5. Chick FU begin – inject seed (sun kuet)
  6. Chick FU – HTM
  7. Chick FU – Chick Spells
  8. Chick FU – Hoi Gwong
  9. Chick FU – Thanking and Concluding
  10. Close Altar, STM

Make a FU and chick it with the instructions as in this video.