Stamping with Hand Seals

You would eventually need to get the physical stamps made. However, this is still a newbie lesson; no one should have supplies. Even for an advanced disciple, if something happens to their house and all their tools are damaged, including the stamps, they could do this to save their life! Stamping with hand seals is fine for this stage, but a physical stamp could be better.

The reason for a physical stamp is the same as having a physical altar to support the FU. If you are tired, sick, injured, passed out, etc., the power of the hand seal stamp will also go down and affect the FU’s connection with the source.  A physical stamp will never have that problem; it only strengthens over time. Therefore, a physical stamp is more stable and reliable

For stamping, you have learned to do the heart stamp, which represents the heart. It includes all the powers inside your body. Usually, we do this heart stamping once for every type of FU; it’s always a good thing to do.

Here is another hand seal for stamping with the Saam Law Stamp (connects to Saam Law Palace). Watch video: