Statue Opening - Consecration

After you have chick'd the 2 FUs, you are ready to use them to consecrate the god's body or statue. In this case you will do it on your Sun Paai or the card that you are using as the altar.

Open the altar and HTM etc. Inform the gods you are doing the ceremony to consecrate the card/sun paai.

Burn the first FU into a small bowl, add water, using the wisdom light handsign, dip the middle fingers into the water and then inject the intention of which god you want to put into the body etc. Then dot the handsign into the subject doing the saam ching dots.

HTM toward the subject.

Use the left sword finger and fire out the Tin Yat Stage and RC Chick spell into the subject, like how you do in chick FU.

Do the Hoi Gwong Spells toward the subject (Tin Yat and RC).

Burn the 2nd FU over the subject at last.

Drop the div up and confirm, if a Yang or St, good to go. If Yin, ask for help and troubleshoot.

Now the statue/body is consecrated.

If you have questions, ask on LINE. This is not easy for newbies, but also not too hard if you watch the video and have the previous lessons learned.

Watch video: