Purifying FU Part 4

This is a lesson to recap everything and show how the FU is used in real applications. We will go through the process of purifying some items together.

Before we “chick” any items and make them magical or “sanctify” them, they must be purified first. If you want to put the god’s power into an object, please CLEAN IT before putting the magical power inside. Do you clean your bowls before putting food inside? The bowls you bought outside are not ready-to-use; you must clean them once before using them; common sense?  Things you would use for your altars, such as cups, dishes, incense, and candles, should all be purified before chick-ing them.

If you don’t have these FUs and run out of FU paper etc., you can always use the handsign and jing spells (English spell is ok too) to clean them up. You would need the altar cleansing spell to clean the objects before chick-ing.  See the video below to learn how to do it. You can also do this method AND use the FU together for a double action.

You can also clean up your HOUSE with the FU like this, watch the video and clean up the house anytime you need to!  Usually, we do this once in the lunar 1st and 15th, or if you had guests come over, then do this after they are gone. You don’t want THEIR energies to stick around your house, giving you all those unnecessary influences.