Purifying FU Part 1

Purifying FU cleanses the energies of things by flushing them with god’s power; it removes all the impurities (which is the energy you don’t want!). There are so many uses for this FU because everything you use for magic should be cleansed and purified, or else why do you think the god and its power want to go into them?

You can also use this FU to cleanse yourself after a day of work – because you have surely picked up a lot of bad energies here and there. Not just that, but people thinking of you and venting their emotions on you could send you bad energies too. All this invisible spiritual pollution is just like “radiation” from electronics, it’s not visible, but it can add up to a subtle and harmful impact over time.

You have the jing spells (cleansing spells) for cleansing, but why would you want to write these FUs instead? This is a very important concept you need to learn in this lesson.

You can do spells for cleansing, but your body is the power source at that time, which means if you are tired, sick, or already got hit by the big impact, then your spells’ power could also be affected. What if you got a hangover, a restless night, or maybe going through a cold? The power of your spells is all affected. It will still work, but maybe not as powerful as it used to be when you were in your ordinary condition.

A FU can be premade on a good day (when your condition is good), consecrated with a power source higher than yourself (like the altar’s god) and then stored up for future use. It’s like premade meals you can take and microwave to reheat anytime, just in case you don’t have the energy to cook…! You are getting the best power from the FU no matter what your condition is at that time.

You can even gift the FU to other people if they need help. You can do a cleansing spell on them when you see them in person, but the FU is what they can bring home and use elsewhere. Maybe your coworker can take one home for his daughter or the pet. Your friend might say that her grandmother is having issues, then you can gift her a few FUs to take home for the grandmother to use. So nice!

The protection FU that you have learned uses a Saam Ching (3 ticks) header, which means to “clone a god” (of the Saam Law Jo Si inside you) so that there is a god there DOING the job (to protect you). Imagine a god is a person; this is like a person following you around to protect you.

The purifying FU doesn’t need a god (person) around; we only need the god’s power to be given to us in advance so we can deploy it when needed. The power is like what we call the “magic power.”  Therefore, this FU will NOT have a 3 ticks header.  When you don’t see any 3 ticks on the head of a FU, then you must recite a spell before you write FU.


Baan Cia Jaai Chia, Saam Noh Jieong Yin,

Whuo Gim Ha Bia, Whuaan Sin Tieong Nieong.


Oh, right, there is an ENGLISH version if you prefer!

Master is here, Saam Law aligns,

Put down the strokes; all god listens.


Memorize the spell above, and review the prep for the FU writing again.

FU Writing Prep

Clamp the pen/marker and the paper in your palms, recite the HS0 internally, stomp your left foot, bring the hands up to the forehead level and bow 1x with the intention of “I am writing FU now.”

Adding an upgrade here – Opening Handsign Code for FU work:

Spell: Tian Di Whua Nieong Hong (天地法令行)

English: Sky, Ground, Magic, Command, Go.

Take the pen’s non-writing end and hammer the paper’s top, bottom and center 3x each. If you have a stack of paper, you can do it over the whole stack in one go. Let’s upgrade this part with a spell together while you hammer the three spots:


Tian Nieong Nieong, Di Nieong Nieong,

Yin Gaan Hen Wei Nieong, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

English version spell:

Sky listens, ground listens,

power here it comes, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

(Tap the top when you say sky, tap the bottom when saying ground, and tap center for the second line).

Watch video:


Let’s move on to part 2, drawing the actual FU.