Sanctifying FU at Altar

Sanctifying or “chick”-ing things at the altar allows you to connect things to the god at the altar, hence allowing the altar to “power them up".

For example, your first FU that you made is now only powered by the god inside your body. However, when you are sleeping, injured, tired, the power will be affected too. If you chick the FU with your altar, as long as the altar is there, the power source is stable 24/7. Which is why we always use the altar to supply power to FUs that needs 24/7 power supply such as a protection FU.

After opening the altar, you will take the finished FU to the altar and sanctify it in front of the god.

First, ring the bell at the FU by using the handsign method to get the god’s attention on it. 

Raise the FU with your sword finger (left) and circle CW 3x to connect the FU to the god, CCW 3x to extract the power granted by the god, bow, and put the FU down. Done!

The FU is now connected to the god at the altar and will be powered by it. You can now close the altar.

After the altar is closed, the god is still there unless you put the Sun Paai or card away. As long as the altar is there (even not opened) it will still supply power to the FU.

You do not always need to sanctify the FUs with an altar. Some FUs are meant for quick deployment and short-term usage, such as a cleansing bath FU, purifying FU etc. Those can be done quickly with your body’s power as we have taught.