Court’s Header and Footer

The 3 Ticks you did before was a Saam Ching header which calls the god in your body (Saam Noh Ju Cia) Saam Law Jo Si to clone himself, but now you are about to learn something new, which is to ask the religious court to clone a god for you.

Same ticks, same order, but different spell:


Yioh Chieong Chia, Cieong Chieong Chia, Taai Chieong Chia

It’s such a short spell; remember it, no English translation.

The footer is new for you, used at the FU DARM location. When we draw FU, remember that FU FOOTER FRAME is always the LAST thing to put into the FU DARM. Sometimes you see the FUs in the FU BOOKs will have the footer frame inside the FU already and a bunch of FU DARM symbols on the left side; most newbies would draw the whole FU with the frame included, then stuff in the symbols for the FU DARM – that’s wrong order!  You skip the frame, do the FU DARM, and then put the footer frame at last.

This footer frame (FU GA 符架) is called the Religious Court Footer (Gaau Ting Ga 教庭架) which you will learn to draw in the video below:

Spell for the frame:



Joh Juan Tian Di Dong, Yiou Juan Ya Yioh Miong,

Jiao Tieng Ya Cian Gwoh Jong Gaan,

Saam Noh Sin Whua Chong Tian Gong,

Ya Diam Yip Jin Xieong, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong,

English Spell

Left turn comes to life, right turn comes the light,

The court beams through center path, Saam Law magic from the sky,

True form in it goes, gip gip yu lu Nieong.

Practice this symbol with the spell together like you practiced the Chick Ling before, and make it part of your second nature.

The footer frame marks the “supporting loop” with the party.  It means, “after this job is done, connect back to the X party for reporting, support, or reinforcement.”

For example, the FU says, “Stay and protect,” and then you tape the FU on the wall to protect the house. The FU god then stays there and also reports back to the court. If anything happens and god needs help, he will get the power from the court to keep supporting his actions.

Imagine I tell you to stay here and shoot the enemy with a gun, then I gave you a footer frame to the court. You can call the court for supplies if you run out of ammo.

A footer frame is not always needed, but it is very important for some FUs that require backup or a supporting end. In the future lesson, you will learn how and when to use the footer. Now, focus on practicing the footer to memorize it.