Opening Altar 101

Opening the altar is like booting up your computer, it wakes up the god and brings their attention over so you can start talking or working with them.

Since we don’t have the bells yet, we will use the handsign to represent the bell. This handsign is called the Ling Gwong Kuet 靈光訣 which translates to the “spiritual light” handsign. You can use this handsign to “trigger” the gods like how we use a bell at the altar.

Go to your altar and trigger the gods to bring them to their attention like in the video below:

Now that the gods are notified and ready, you will follow the video below to “open the altar” 開壇.

First, you would have to “light the candles” which gives the altar the activation of intaking messages and outputting power. Since we don’t have a pair of candles, we will use another handsign to do the job. This is the Godly Light Handsign 神光訣 which you will use on the altar’s center, left and right. Follow the video below:

Then, you will “light incense” with the “sword”, which represents the god at the altar starting the session (not you). Follow the video and pump in the heart spells, so that your god at the altar is connecting to all the powers that your heart spell can connect to (HS0, HS1, HS2). Submit the incense into the altar and bow to greet.

Now the altar is “opened” with your local power and connected to the Saam Law Palace with the HS2.  If you only have HS0 then it is only connected to the local.

To close the altar, all you need to do is make the heart incense handsign to say you are completed with the work you are doing and will conclude the session. Do the closing movements, bow and exit the altar.

Congratz! Now you know how to open and close the altar! you should do this daily 2x, morning and night, and greet your god at the altar, say good morning, good night, or spend the time to talk to the god (with the heart incense handsign).