Taoism FU Printables

Just printing a FU doesn’t work – but with this method, it does.

PRINT the FU from our PDF that is made for printing, all FUs will be about the same size as you can see how we customize and resize them for the print.

After carefully cutting them with a paper cutter, you will take your magic penbrush/pen/brush and trace over the words and lines quickly. Then add the FU DARM into the FU, stamp it and the FU is complete. 

Chick the FU as how you usually do it, and the FU is usable just like a written one, just that this version saves you from figuring out how to write the words.

NOTE on “tracing” the FU – it is not meant to be traced with precision like how you would trace an artwork. What you need to do is the use your magic brush pen to “wooosh” through the words and that is enough (like the "doctor's writing" just squiggle through the words. You do not need to trace every single word precisely. This is a special power granted by the gods above, which is made to help you with your FU WORK, and it is meant to be easier than the traditional method – whatever you are missing/lacking, the gods will understand and help you with what you are missing. Trust and faith in the gods is what counts, not your artistic talent.

Empower your FUs after chick FU with some CMGs too!

We use these A4 size THIN yellow paper for FU printing, they are also easier and cleaner for burning too. Get PAPER from aliexpress. However, if you have no yellow paper at the moment and need some FUs immediately, you can also use normal printer paper. The gods shall understand you if your faith is strong. We try to do our best but if we cannot meet the requirements, we will rely on the god's help to make sure everything is working good.