Statue Opening FU Prep Work

Your altar is now only with a god that is cloned from your body, which is fine for a start up, but you would eventually want the altar to be stronger. What you have to do now is to use the card/sun paai as the "body" of the god and you will use these FU to put the god cloned down from the religious court into it. What's even better is this method can be used on any "body" of a god. You can also change the god's FU HEAD to clone a different god down for your new god's "statue." For example, you bought a statue and want to use that for the god of wealth, then you can change the FU HEAD to the God of Wealth FU HEAD and use this FU to activate the statue. For this lesson, you would use this to empower your Sun Paai so that the god in your altar is going to be stronger and supported by the court.

To write these FUs, you must do the HTM and such in the upgraded prep work since we are using the RC's power.

Both FUs will be stamped with what we call the Munn Coke Stamp, which is a four stamp method. Top to bottom: Heart, Saam Law, Heart, Saam Law. (change heart to Jo Si stamp if you have that already). Use the handsign stamping if you don't have stamps yet.

Write them and chick them with the Saam Law Palace and RC stage spells like we have done before in the advanced chick FU.

FU 1 - Statue Consecration FU

The spell for the symbol below the chick ling is:


Left turn comes to life, right turn comes the light, channels all the way.

FU 2 - Statue Approval FU

The symbol below the 3 ticks is called the celestial eye symbol:


God’s light it comes, shines everywhere