Chick FU Spells

There is an ebook on chick spells (Sanctification spells); you need this book to access all the spells The things connected and powered by the court above must be chick’d with the specific spells in the book. For example, if your FU brush writes FU that connects to the court’s power, it should first have its power bonded to it.

Get the book and go through the spell once.

Some “individual item/category” spells are at the back such as water, fire, wealth, pen/brush, ink or even outfit, weapons etc. Those spells are always used FIRST.

After that, then you would add the specific spell for the different “stages.” It is chosen according to which power the object or FU connects to. Most FUs you do now would need the Saam Law Palace power, and everything must have the religious court’s power at the end to finally approve it. Saam Law stage and RC Chick Spells are the most commonly used ones.