Chick FU Spells

The four principal Chick Spells – Tin Yat, Saam Law, Sun Lung, and TYHQ – serve to receive empowerments from their respective courts' palaces. These empowerments bestow your magical tools or FUs with the necessary powers to function effectively. You can find all these spells in the Sanctification spell book.

Tin Yat Palace is concerned with everything that pertains to the worship and connection to various gods outside the nine primary deities. If the FU invokes a deity not among these nine, this level must be used to ensure the FU connects with the correct powers. Incorporating this palace into your empowerment regime enhances the channeling power of the FU.

Saam Law Palace is primarily responsible for overseeing all magic. Therefore, any FU must receive approval from this palace. The palace deals with the civil aspects of magic, including blessings, wealth, empowerments, and matters concerning daily life.

Sun Lung Palace is associated with military affairs. Thus, if an FU is created to command military forces - as in exorcism or magical battles - it must receive approval from this palace.

TYHQ provides the final approval, an essential prerequisite for any magic to be sanctioned. It also augments the magic's potency, corrects errors, and essentially polishes the magic work you have done, akin to a grammar check.

For most FUs and magical tools, the spells from Tin Yat, Saam Law, and TYHQ will suffice. If the FU is intended for exorcism or requires military power, the Sun Lung palace's spell should be added. Each time you re-empower your magical tools with these spells, they gain additional strength. Even if the FU doesn't explicitly invoke a particular palace or use its stamp, empowering the FU with the spells allows that palace to provide empowerments and boost the magic. There's no harm in receiving extra assistance!

Remember, after using any Chick Spells, you must complete the Hoi Gwong with the corresponding palace. This is done using a specific consecration spell and hand sign.