Using Spells in a Flash

There are MANY spells in our lineage, over 100+ of them; how can you remember them all? Impossible. Your Cia Juan is very crazy enough to memorize a few books of it, but that’s not even “normal.” How do you use the spells? Always need the Kindle around? What if the book is lost? What if we forgot to bring the book?

No worry, guys, calm down.

Spells are not for you to memorize like a robot. Some spells you need to memorize because they are super important, such as your heart spells, master spell, etc. However, some spells are memorized because you have used them a lot over the years, it’s done naturally and not like you have to sit and repeat it for 4 hours a day.

You must learn the” use in a flash” method or “flash” the spell. In Chinese, we say 神龍無形,電光傳承 – the dragon is formless; it flashes over in the form of lightning. This method of spell reciting is called the 雷火咒法 (Thunder Fire Spell magic method).

Like thinking of your house, phone number, or person, you need a split second to “think of” them, and that’s it. Don’t try so hard to “draw” the picture or “print” the lines out. That is how you “recall” a spell and use them in real applications.

However, it’s not as “easy” as it seems. Let us break it down into a few parts.

Step 1 – Learning the Spell

You must learn the spell and know what it is for. Flashing is useless if you don’t even know what spell you are doing.

Step 2 – Gathering Essence into the Bank

Gather essence requires you to spend the TIME to invest in chanting the spell. The more you recite the spell, the more essence is gathered into the bank, which Is in your heart.

Step 3 – Build Energy

Building energy from essence requires knowledge and experience. The more you learn about the spell, the more you experience it, the more you witness results, and the more energy the spell can spark. Which results in effectiveness and power.

Step 4 – Flashing (Power)

This is the actual “flashing” moment. Which is a flash that calls up the essence and burns them into energy; that means if you have not invested in the steps before, your flash’d spell sucks.

On your ordinary days, practice the spell, recite it more, and learn more about its power, purpose, etc. The more you do that, the more powerful the flashed version is.

When you read the spell aloud slowly, the magical power is being gathered toward you. Therefore, you can always recite the spell aloud, then flash it at the end for the magic to activate.

You can also “flash” the spell with a short spell to gather the power, such as Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong or something like that, which is always the ending of the spell. If you do the Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong for the purpose of Jing Heart spell, then it will gather the power of that spell ONLY. It’s your intention that changes everything.

*Intention is not “thinking”; it is WHY you did it, which requires NO THINKING.*

When we are doing heart spell in the morning and evening, we usually say it internally slowly to gather the power and practice at the same time. It builds a better foundation for us over time. When we are doing a ceremony (for real), every spell becomes flashed because we need to be efficient.

In case of emergency and you need the golden light spell to protect you, just flash it out with the handsign and blast the light out. It’s done in one second. You don’t need the kindle!

For spells that are for emergency, use Sin Biong Hwall Gip Yu Lu Nieong instead of Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong, it means “Urgently execute and send the troop to work!”

There are also some tweaks you can learn to enhance the magic you do, watch video below: