Perfecting the Chick Ling

The chick-ling symbol is one of the most important symbols you must master and write NICELY, or your FU will never look good. Don’t draw SLOWLY because your hand is trembling and shaking as you go slowly. Learn to write FAST and build confidence with PRACTICE. Repeat repeatedly; then, you will be doing better after a week.

Here is a video showing you the tricks!

Chick Ling 勅令 consists of 2 parts, the chick and the ling!

The Chick part on top means to bond in power, and then the word is put over the word Ling which means the command. This symbol gives power to the god and assigns it to do something for you. It’s a powerful symbol that you MUST draw well!

The words are NOT to be written out like how computer words look, they are drawn the way I have shown in the video because it is NOT a word but a symbol. All the strokes and loops have their specific meanings embedded to it and so please follow strictly to learn the symbol correctly.

The spell is “Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong, Chia Chia Nieong.” 急急如律令勅勅令 – it means quickly execute as the command, authorize the power to command. It’s not just Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong (which means to execute the job). When there is a Chia Chia Nieong, it means authorizing the god to take this command and command the next party to do the job.

Now go and take some paper (lined or grid is even better) and start copying the Chick-Ling symbol. Fill up a page of it, do about 100 in total and see how that looks compared to your first one!