Purifying FU Part 2

This lesson will be on writing the actual FU. You should have prepared already in part 1, so let’s begin writing the FU.

With your marker/brush in hand, recite the spell, then stomp left foot after the spell:


Baan Cia Jaai Chia, Saam Noh Jieong Yin,

Whuo Gim Ha Bia, Whuaan Sin Tieong Nieong.

Or the English version:

Master is here, Saam Law aligns,

Put down the strokes; all god listens.

Now, follow the video and draw the FU:

After writing the FU, remember to tap the FU DARM 3x to seal it.

This FU uses a different structure, as seen in the “three loops” below the chick-ling symbol. This type of FU with the loopies in the center below the chick-ling is usually “internal” FUs, which means to put the power “into” something for the power to go INSIDE things. When you deploy this FU, the magic power goes INTO things to purify them.

In comparison, the protection FU has the bands on the sides, which is “externally executed,” and the god goes OUTSIDE of the person to protect them.

Clamp the FU between your palms, HS0, left foot 3x, right foot 3x, bow 1x. – the FU is now activated and usable, but if you want it to be stronger, you should use the “altar chick” method as taught before and bond this with your altar’s god.

You can make a few of these and clamp them in one pile to chick them together. Watch the video below to learn how to use the FU!

Congratulation! You have learned how to draw and use the purifying FU now! Purify your FU writing tools!