Recruiting The Ghost Soldiers

by Tin Jee | 08 August, 2022

On the Lunar July 15-18 is our ghost soldier recruitment day! Learn about the ghost army, why you should be involved, and use this special day!

Intention is Everything for Magic

by Tin Jee | 31 May, 2022

Intention is everything, but not always, you need to understand what it is all about first, then you will know why just knowing about intention is very dangerous for a magic practitioner. Read on to know the truth.

Recovering Magic Power 補法

by Tin Jee | 13 February, 2022

What to do after being attacked by magic and lost a battle, what can you do to revive the magic power and make your god come back again?

Breaking Magic 破法

by Tin Jee | 13 February, 2022

What is breaking magic, how can it happen, what to do to avoid it happening and how to break other people's magic if you have to?

Representative in Taoism Distance Magic

by Tin Jee | 11 February, 2022

Representative in Taoist magic or any magic is essential for doing magic to someone by distance. How does it work? You will learn about it in this article!

What is a Magic Warfare in Taoism

by Tin Jee | 11 February, 2022

You will understand how magic warfare is done with ordinary people vs professional, and the kind of impact that it will bring to your life, plus how to hack the nature system...