Taoist Way of Farming for Magic Power Through Chanting

by Tin Jee | 05 February, 2023

How does Taoist farm for magic power, how do we cultivate to get stronger with our Taoist magic and what the gods have to say about building our power through what specific cultivation is most important?

Problems from Your Past Life

by Tin Jee | 02 February, 2023

Past life can be the worse source of problem for you in this life, and we all have to face this hurdle as a Taoist. Here is how you can use Taoist magic to solve it.

Opening the Sky Door (HTM 開天門/ STM收天門)  

by Tin Jee | 23 January, 2023

An exclusive teaching for our disciples on the most important magic you need to learn - HTM and STM to get your magic working good!

Chinese New Year Banner with Magic Guide!

by Tin Jee | 19 January, 2023

Learn the magical Chinese New Year Banner today, be a Taoist, and send blessings to people around you to make their life better as well as your own!

81 Application of Celestial Master Gold

by Tin Jee | 06 December, 2022

81 methods for you to use with our celestial master gold for overcoming hurdles in life, plus more....

Celestial Master Gold 101

by Tin Jee | 05 December, 2022

Your first guide to understanding the concept of the Celestial Master Gold and how to use them for real situations. This is the 101 guide with 10 examples that you can use right away.

The Most Critical Three Periods After Ordaining

by Tin Jee | 17 November, 2022

For people who are ordaining or have ordained, must-read article to get you going the right direction!  Don't miss out this precious article!

Daily Greetings for Disciples (Ching On)

by Tin Jee | 16 November, 2022

Learn about the most important daily greetings that you should start doing as a disciple. Everything starts with a good mindset!

Being One with the Tao

by Tin Jee | 11 November, 2022

There are so many newbie Taoist coming in and so many going out because they cannot learn with the proper mindset and failed to continue learning. This post will get you a good foundation so that you don't have to be one of the failures.

Begging for Amnesty

by Tin Jee | 07 November, 2022

A very important post for the disciples, lunar Oct 15 is your day to beg for amnesty, take it seriously and do not miss out the opportunity to do better!

Simple Way to Increase Magic Power on Taoism FU Making

by Tin Jee | 07 November, 2022

Should a Taoism FU be done quickly or slowly? Should words be written nicely or quickly? Should we spend time learning the calligraphy skills or not? What makes a FU work and what makes it better or more powerful?

The Secret of the Dragon Bloodline

by Tin Jee | 06 November, 2022

What does it mean to be a Taoist, what is the dragon's essence, why do we have magical powers and how does the god get their powers?

The Filial Piety That Everyone Overlooked

by Tin Jee | 03 November, 2022

It's time to review and read over the classics again. A lot of people don't know what a disciple is, and this is where you should start learning. A disciple is not a student, and definitely means much more than just "learning something".

How to Tell if Your Tao-Soul is Sick

by Tin Jee | 31 October, 2022

The Tao Soul is one of the most important thing for a Taoist, the magic power and everything is related to this soul, make sure you take care of it properly and monitor its health.

Taoist Cultivation Doesn’t Take Break

by Tin Jee | 29 October, 2022

Feeling exhausted and need a break? As a Taoist, this is something you got to know and stay alert, a break is not going to "fix" the problem.

Taoism FU, Spells, Prayers, and Scriptures

by Tin Jee | 26 October, 2022

A GEM for every disciple, because you need this lesson to fully understand and utilize the treasures in your treasure box! Learn the real Taoist magic here!

The Hair Pulling Effect Wisdom

by Tin Jee | 26 October, 2022

This a hearty lesson for all disciples on virtues; take it seriously, and it is time to improve your Tao's heart and level up your standard, so you are not wasting your time on this path.

Taoist Magic for People with No Time

by Tin Jee | 23 September, 2022

What if all you can do is get up and go to work, then come back home to sleep, how can you cultivate as a Taoist like that? How busy people can cultivate and success with their Tao journey?

What is Love for Your Tao

by Tin Jee | 22 September, 2022

Do you know if you love the Tao or not? How do you know you love it, and why should you love it? Can you say it out with pride if you do love your TAO?

Punish the Evils to Promote the Good

by Tin Jee | 21 September, 2022

Know what a Taoist should be doing and focus all the time, don't always sit in your comfort zone!  Pick up your responsibility and be a good Taoist with pride!

How to Read with Taoist Wisdom

by Tin Jee | 16 September, 2022

How to read properly, aloud or quietly? Should you read aloud and why? We have the Taoist wisdom guiding us to read the right way and the best way you need.

Wooden Fish and the Hing

by Tin Jee | 16 September, 2022

Learn about the Taoist's magical instruments - the wooden fish and hing. What are they for, how can they be used and why they are so important for a Taoist.

Taoist Armor of Protection the Taoist Robe

by Tin Jee | 06 September, 2022

Taoist Robes are more than just a cool outfit, they are all magical tools that are more like a necessity for a Taoist. Learn about them here and get yours soon!

Ordaining to Become a Taoist is a Big Deal

by Tin Jee | 30 August, 2022

Why does ordaining makes such a huge difference and why should you ordain to become a Taoist? What does it mean to be ordained?