Religions vs Cult

20 March, 2023

How to tell if a path is a religion or cult, good or evil, just by looking at how big they are often cannot give you the true answer. In fact, many BIG organizations are cults too.

Taoism vs Euthanasia

17 March, 2023

Euthanasia or mercy killing is not a problem in Taoism's perspective, and here is what you have not heard of because everyone is not understanding death and start talking about right or wrong.

What is a Real Taoist Immortal

15 March, 2023

Immortal, Xian/Sin 仙 (Saamlawnese: Cian 仙) is a concept many people misunderstand. It is not about just living longer or forever. Real this lesson to learn the real immortal meaning and how to do it.

Secret Power of Cursing, Swearing and Oath

04 March, 2023

Does cursing and swearing or oath work for real? Yes, they do, and here is how to break curses and handle swearing properly to avoid more destruction to your life.

The Dirtiest Taoist Magic Curse

03 March, 2023

This will be the most amazing post you might not expect from a Taoist master! Learn how to do dirty cursing and how this works with the metaphysics and magic theory behind it.

Palmistry and Face Reading in Taoism

01 March, 2023

Get deep into metaphysics, learn how palmistry and face reading work in Taoism, how it benefits a Taoist and does it work. Taoist Master explaining it all to you in one post.

Soul Travel, Astral Projection and God Travelling

01 March, 2023

The truth about soul travel, astral projection, and god travelling and possession explained by the Taoist master, what to look out for, and what's the risk and danger ahead?

Taoist Stomp and Stepping Magic Explained

01 March, 2023

Why stomp the foot when doing Taoist magic or saying a spell? What is stepping magic 步罡踏斗? And what is the stomping for? How to connect to the different sources of power?

Secret Behind the Moon in Taoism

01 March, 2023

Learn about the secret of the moon, the ghost world, how your journey after death work, what it means to cross the silver and golden bridge, and the power behind the world.

Qi Gong Mysteries and Misunderstandings

01 March, 2023

Tapping the teeth, beating the heavenly drums, and many things are misunderstood for their purpose in Qi Gong. Taoist master is here to bring you the wisdom and the key to understand the truth behind the art.

Taoist Wisdom on Playing Game

28 February, 2023

Gaming is not bad for you, the Taoist wisdom is here to tell you how to make use of gaming and make it a Taoist magic practice with real benefits every time. Read to learn the way!

Killing People with Taoist Magic

28 February, 2023

Can you kill someone with Taoist magic? Can sorcery or curse kill someone? How to kill with magic, and what can happen to them to make them die? Here is your answer in a professional way.

Taoist's Dragon Energy and Metaphysics

28 February, 2023

Learn about the dragon essence and dragon energy that Taoist work with, and how do you find yours. Unleash the secret power with metaphysics and wisdom. You will not want to miss out this article.

Danger of Public Temples and Worshiping

27 February, 2023

Public temples are dangerous if you don't know how they work or just happen to encounter one that is being taken over, read and learn about how to keep yourself safe when worshiping.

Metaphysics Secret of the Memory System

27 February, 2023

Revealing the secret of metaphysics and let you understand how our memory works, how to master it and be able to get smarter and faster in life.

Metaphysics Secrets - Source of Life and Birthday

27 February, 2023

Taoist master reveals the secret behind birthdays and our source of life. Know why birthdays are important and how we should "celebrate" them properly instead of doing what the norm does. It changes our life!

What is Tin Yat 天一 in Taoism

26 February, 2023

Learn about Tin Yat 天一 in Taoism and a lot of deep knowledge on how it relates to your PreHeaven spiritual planetary body and hidden powers which you could discover and use.

Secrets to Opening of the Dragon Gate in Taoism

26 February, 2023

Learn about the importance of the dragon gate in Taoism and for ordinary people, how to work with it and what it can do to unleash your potential in life and help to bring you a better future.

The Most Powerful Taoist Magic

26 February, 2023

What is the most powerful Taoist magic? This is your answer, and you will understand this with no background involved. Taoism has been made simple for everyone.

Spiritual Embryo in Taoism – Sun Toy 神胎

25 February, 2023

The best and easiest way to understand the spiritual embryo and how it affects us daily, and how the Taoist takes this to another level with Taoist magic!

Souls and Spirits, Hun and Po 魂魄

25 February, 2023

Learn about what is Hun and Po (Wun Paak 魂魄) in Taoism, and see how it works in your everyday life plus after-death life. The souls and spirits are very easy to understand.

Food Offering Versus Sacrifices

24 February, 2023

Food offerings are done to the gods and humans; learn about why it is important and what kind of effect it will have on a deeper level.

Sacrifices 祭祀 Explained Deeply

24 February, 2023

Sacrificing is deeper than you think, with Taoism wisdom, you would appreciate and understand this secret of worshiping and why it works!

Worshipping 拜神 in Taoism with Wisdom

24 February, 2023

Worshipping 拜神 is not as simple as it seems. There is a lot of metaphysics wisdom inside this practice, which you will learn in this article.