Taoist Wealth Boosting Magic

by Tin Jee | 15 September, 2020

Learn the wealth boosting magic in Taoism, the wealth god theory and wealth god symbol that you can apply to your everyday life. Start learning and using it today, without missing anymore great opportunity to boost your luck!

Protection Magic of Tin Law Jo Si

by Tin Jee | 29 July, 2020

Tin Law Jo Si Anniversary special postings! Teaching you how to write the Tin Law Jo Si symbol (FU HEAD) and how to use it for protection!

How to Attack People with Taoist Magic

by Tin Jee | 18 April, 2019

Righteous Vengeance!  Learn how to return curses and bad intentions back to their owners as a Saam Law Taoist.

3 Ways to Get a Good Sleep with Taoist Magic

by Tin Jee | 23 May, 2018

Getting a good sleep with magic or Taoist magic can be very nice and helpful for a better day to come. If you have a problem sleeping or falling asleep, it's time to see how to use your magic power to help yourself as a disciple of the lineage.

10 Ways to Witness Taoist Magic of Saam Law Sun Gung

by Tin Jee | 24 April, 2018

How to witness magic power of Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic, how to tell from fake versus real magic and what can magic power do for you?

Body Sealing Magic in Taoist Magic

by Tin Jee | 28 January, 2018

A Taoist Magic FU Bath

by Tin Jee | 26 December, 2017

Magical baths!  Sound too good to be true?  read on and find out!

Water and Fire Symbol for Taoist Magic

by Tin Jee | 24 December, 2017

Fire?  Water?  It's a little more complex than it sounds, but we can clarify it all for you in this article.

Magic Symbols of the Three Pure Ones Application

by Tin Jee | 23 December, 2017

Now that you know about these fellows, let's learn how to effectively use their symbols.

What is Fa Jee in Taoist Magic (Symbols)

by Tin Jee | 20 December, 2017

Find out how "Flower Words" are used in Taoist magic!