What is Taoism for Beginners

by Tin Jee | 18 August, 2020

In the Western society, Taoism is often known as philosophical ideology that the Chinese lived by. Figures such as Lao Ze and Confucius are also cited as key teachers in the philosophy's development. Yet, Taoism is actually more than just a philosophy - it's also a religion.

What is the Goal of Being a Taoist?

by Tin Jee | 06 August, 2020

Now that you have officially ordained as a disciple, there is so much more to learn about the meaning of being a Taoist. As a Taoist, you are guided by the Tao, which can help you prosper and protect you from evils.

Taoist Greeting – Mo Leung Tin Juen

by Tin Jee | 31 July, 2020

Ordain Ceremony for Taoism - What is Involved

by Tin Jee | 24 December, 2017

What does it take to become ordained into the Saam Law Lineage?  Why don't you have to fly to Canada to make it happen?  Read on and find out!