The Most Powerful Taoist Magic

What is the most powerful magic in Saam Law Tao? You might be curious because this will reveal the biggest secret of why one should be ordained and not just stay in the freebie Tin Yat Stage. Something big is opened up to you once you are ordained, and that is the most powerful magic in our lineage, which you will not understand yet. Don’t worry, I will explain it to you in parts, and I assure you that you will understand this by the end of this reading. I will explain this in the most “human” way and make it as simple as possible.

The Biggest Problem

What is powerful? A powerful car can travel fast, a powerful gun can be accurate and deadly, and a powerful speaker can give good sound quality and loudness. What is the problem that magic is trying to solve? Magic is the way to communicate with the gods and get help from the gods. Spells, FUs, prayers, scripture, and anything you do with magic is another way to talk to the gods and get help delivered. However, there is one universal problem: we have different languages and limited memory. We can only remember a limited amount of things with disciplined practice, and many people don’t have a background in Chinese, making Taoist magic hard to learn and use.

In ancient times, people could calculate using objects like stones and branches, then they tried to use their heads to do the calculations, but it would get harder as the math got complex and lengthy. They then invented the abacus and other tools, then eventually, the calculator and the computer were born. Humans are smart and intelligent, but we are not the “machine” that can hold memories for a long time. We can decide how to use the computer and let it store data while we use it to calculate things. We make decisions and set the commands, like a general instructing the troops to do things according to order.

The same goes for physical storage of things too. Our hands can only hold so little, so we need other systems to store things such as a bag, a basket, a fridge, a house, etc. We decide how to store them, when to take them out, and how to organize them. We make decisions; they contain the things for us.

Here is the problem for most people learning Taoist magic. The language itself is hard, and there are many different spells, FU(s), scriptures, and all sorts of things. How to remember everything and be able to use them all? Maybe by the end of our lives, we cannot even remember half of what’s in the system or imagine using them at the right time when needed. Many people faced this hurdle and gave up because it was so hard and almost impossible to master everything. Some people can convince themselves and say that it is just like learning a new language as a kid; all you need is time and practice, then you will get it down sooner or later. However, most people who started to learn Taoist magic are no longer kids, and this excuse will not work for most disciples.  Imagine you are on a trip and encounter some evil spirit attack at night, but you forgot the spell for that type of problem, and the book was not around you, oh mine.

Ordaining will solve that problem. That’s the short answer. Why though? That is why you are here reading this long article. Be patient and keep reading.

Saam Law Stage and the System

You can read about the “Celestial Court,” In short, it is a system that serves as the lineage’s headquarters in the PreHeaven dimension, which stores all the powers and magic system. When you enter Saam Law Stage, you will be registered in this system once you have been ordained as a Saam Law Taoist.

During Tin Yat Stage, you are not yet part of this system. The power will be sent to you like a package that delivers to your Yuen Sun, and you will connect to your Yuen Sun to get the power given to you. You do not get access to the celestial court system from your end.

What’s so good about being in Saam Law Stage and connected to this system? That’s the most powerful magic you can have in the whole system, and we call that the 萬法混元秘法 (Whuaan Whua Win Xuan Bi Whua), which roughly translates to the one secret method that contains millions of magic.

Imagine you have 100 spells to learn in Chinese and read in Saamlawnese. You can read through them individually, but how many can you remember and use them?

However, you have a heart spell, which isn’t hard to remember. If you have learned the 100 spells and intend to use a specific one, you can use the heart spell to replace the spell you want to use or use Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong as a spell replacement. The spell will allow your energy to beam via the heart to the Yuen Sun and Yuen Sun to the celestial court, then your desired spell or magic will be executed according to what’s in the court.

You might need a very long spell, but now it has turned in the heart spell 0, which is the spell you remembered the most. If you want to call up another spell, do the same thing and use the same spell as a substitute, which will also work. Why would it work like this? It’s because of your intention. Now you have no more worry about forgetting spells. Instead of bringing all the spell books with you, all you need is a key to access all these spells, which is your heart spell, and it is just one short line that you have memorized into the heart.

Building of the Power

You might think it is wild; if one heart spell can do all the jobs, why do we need so many other spells?

First, spells are commands set in the system which is why they work. They are commands set into the system to call the gods for specific work. If there were none of these spells, your heart spell cannot call up anything. It’s like you have 100 drawers, and everyone has fruit inside. If you never have any fruits, even if you have the keys, you will have nothing to eat.

Secondly, cultivating the spells by repeatedly reciting them, chanting them in drag sounds, and doing exercises with them will grow their powers for you. However, growing the powers will take time, but using them should be quick. The more you practice the spells and learn about them, that spell gets more packed with power; you are building its power by doing push-ups for the spell. When you want to use it, you can use the heart spell to call up the spell, and it would be working immediately. The daily chanting and practicing are an investment. Learning more about the spell’s purpose and wisdom is also an investment; they take time and can be done at your own pace. However, once you learn it, the spell is already made available to you, which means you can use the heart spell as a key to access the spell’s power already.  If you just learned the protection spell today, you can use it without memorizing it. All you need is the heart spell, and that’s it. If you can learn 100 spells in one day and know what they are for, you can use the same method to use heart spells and execute them easily, even if you have not memorized them before.

What’s better, the prayer and scriptures are the same too. If you are outside and want to use a certain scripture, but your kindle is not around, you can always use the heart spell as a replacement to chant for a while as a substitute for the scripture. This made all the scriptures open for you in a short time, and you can use their powers easily if you have read through them and understand their purposes.

When doing the practice and “investment” process, it is slow and not easy. However, you can also observe what you use the most and need the most, the put time into cultivating those first.

What about the FU? You can also group everything into one Saam Law FU HEAD and do the same thing. It’s like as if the Saam Law FU HEAD or heart spell is just a shortcut icon on your desktop; when you click it, it will pull out the long address and reach the file in the celestial court system, which activates the command and the gods’ power will be deployed.

All you need is one FU HEAD, one spell and one heart. This is the most powerful magic of our lineage, which is only for those who decided to ordain and become a Saam Law Stage disciple because that’s when you are officially registered into the system in the Celestial Court. I cannot express enough how powerful this method is, but I can tell you that it is like how we can have one USB stick that contains millions of files inside. Instead of carrying 400kg of books, you have a 4g USB stick. That’s a very powerful magical tool.

Are you amazed yet? This is only the introduction and the beginning. What if I told you this? You can eventually customize the shortcut and create your design. Your shortcut for the heart-purifying spell might become something in English, which you use as the main language. “Hearty cleanse, hearty cleanse, hearty cleanse!” like in Harry Potter!  You can eventually have the option to create shortcuts like that and keep a record of it in your magic book. Isn’t that unbelievably powerful?

The Source

You cannot touch the source code now, and you cannot write the programs from scratch. Yet, you can create shortcuts to access what is already there in the system. As long as the source has the actual magic, your shortcut will work to retrieve them.  The more magic you have learned, the more shortcut you can create, or the more your one and only one shortcut can connect to.

You might ask, “How can one spell know which magic I want to connect to?” It’s very simple because your intention does the job of directing it to the right place. The intention is “why” you say the shortcut spell. Intention comes quickly, and you never have to think about it. The moment you act is already with the intention integrated into the action. If you know why you need the magic, your shortcut will never fail to pull out the right magic. Instead of pulling magic out of a thick paperback book, you pull it out from the celestial court’s book in the preheaven, the source of magic!

This is the most powerful magic in the lineage, allowing you never to fear forgetting the books and spells on a trip or when outside. As long as you have once invested into learning, cultivating and maybe grinding for powers (like chanting the scriptures), all you need to have that key in your hearts. This is why ordaining is so important. It allows you to have the most powerful magic to access the system in the celestial court that is designed to make magic easier for all the faithful disciples. Going a step ahead, let’s think about how it feels if you can customize your shortcuts or even create the magic in the system with your personal touch and style or even language.  Nothing is impossible when you have gone up to the stage with that authority in the system.

Ordain today and enjoy this powerful magic that can change your life forever. No fear of the language, and no fear of the memory issue!  You can see that it is our lineage's style to make everything easier for everyone by breaking that language barrier. It is our mission from the gods to spread the Tao to every faithful one, and because of that, we are doing something that has not been done before, letting the Tao's power be reachable worldwide with no limit!