Taoism FU Magic Explained

Taoism is famous for its magical FU because of the vampire movies. Those hopping, ugly beasts that sucks the blood from people are furious and deadly, but with a piece of yellow paper in the Taoist master’s hand, they will be frozen immediately, like how you can pull the battery out of a robot and put everything to a stop. This also makes many people wonder, was this actually real and is there actually something like this which the movies are trying to portray or replicate?  How is the real Taoism FU used and what are they for? Taoism FU magic was always a secretive form of art. In the modern era where everything can be googled, it is time to let everyone know the truth.

There are many Taoism sects in the world, and each sect has their own secret form of “Taoist magic” in a way. Even the Wu Dang sect seems to be all into their martial arts only, the core of the temple’s teachings all goes back to those priests who do ceremonies and rituals inside the temple. When it comes to the “real thing,” it is all about doing those rituals in front of their altar, and not doing Tai Chi or reading Tao Te Ching. It is hard for the westerners to accept this fact, because there is a barrier in language. For a westerner to understand all these magical side of Taoism, it’s just like trying to understand the Chinese newspaper without knowing the language itself. You should also know how little people know about English in China; being able to communicate properly is already very challenging, not to mention teaching the mysterious and complex subject of Taoist Magic. To traditional Taoist, they choose to teach only the smart ones who “get it” fast and have the potentials, and the rest can just learn something shallow to keep the temple going – like Tai Chi and such – which requires not much in-depth teaching that fries your brain. One of the most important things for all Taoism sects is Taoism FU magic: the yellow paper that contains the magical power that can be used for freezing vampires, and more. What’s on the paper anyway, and why is it so powerful?

Taoism FU magic is not just about the yellow paper; it also comes in many different colors, such as: green, red, white and black. It can also be drawn in water, air, or even clothes or other objects. No matter what the form is like, Taoism FU is always a tool of communication. By using the Taoism FU, it is a way for the Taoist to submit their ticket of request to the Gods and Deities of their lineage. It is a ticket of request for help to be deployed. It’s sort of like an SMS system between the human and Gods. On the Taoism FU, you will see text which is the message itself, and a bunch of stamps all over the paper too. These are stamps that represents the Gods authorizing the ticket. It’s sort of like you wrote an order on behave of the government, and now the government stamps it to approve the job to be done. Simply said, Taoism FU is really just a way for the Taoist to communicate with their gods, for getting the magical power that it takes to solve problems. No, there are not any real vampires in the past or present, but there are humans who act like a vampire and suck the life out of people which a Taoism FU can be used to put them to a stop.

Vampirism is very common in the society. Do you know anyone who loves to call you and talk to you for hours and hours ranting and venting their negative energies? They love talking about how this is not fair, that is not fair, and how they should deserve this and why life is like this to them etc. After talking to these people, you felt like you have only 5% of battery left in your body, and you are about to pass out, even though you have not really done anything yet. Negative energies, sorcery attacks, curses, or even just the hatred from people can cause you great harm, just like vampires sucking up your blood. Taoism FU magic is a great tool to deal with any of these situations.

To learn Taoism FU magic, you need to first become a Taoist! There are many different Taoism FU, but all the FUs only work if you are in the lineage that creates the FU. There is no way to learn from books or by watching videos, because you lack the real connection and relationship to the Tao of a lineage. Without the power source, your FUs are just like printed money on printer paper: it’s not real, and it has no effect.  If you want to get a taste of how real Taoism FU works, you can start by browsing through our store. However, I personally would think that it is a smarter idea to even get ordained and start learning the art yourself to really feel the joy of possessing such beautiful and powerful magic. Being a Taoist is amazing; it’s like you can finally proactively do something to solve problems in life and defend yourself, instead of being a blind follower who can only pray and hope for your prayers to be answered.