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God of Wealth for Income, Munn Choy Sun 文財神 (Saamlawnese: Min Chaai Sin), is a very important god in our lineage that helps by bringing us wealth. His anniversary falls on the lunar Sept 1st. We use the statue of Bei Gon 比干 to worship him. We go by the name Munn Choy Sun in the lineage, and his image in the culture is always a jolly face god with lots of gold nuggets that resembles wealth.

Bei Gon 比干 is a real person in the Shang Dynasty. He is very talented in financial management. He has worked for the country for over 40 years and emphasizes reducing taxes while promoting the growth of agriculture and business. He is also known for being one of the three most loyal ones of his time. He appeared in the story “Investiture of Gods.” That is where he got his image of the God of Wealth. His profile and image are being used for the God of Wealth in our lineage, but we are not worshiping the real person, as we have explained in the article on the investiture of gods.

God of Wealth for Income is very powerful because he can bring you a lot of new potentials and opportunities you don’t have. In this article, you will learn how life works and how luck and fortune are created. After learning about these, you would understand the importance of this god.

The Golden Ingots

These gold nuggets or ingots, sometimes called sycee or yuan bao, were used as a form of wealth in the past. The word yuan bao is mandarin for 元寶, which means the treasure of time. With money or wealth, you can exchange for something that people have used the time to make, such as buying food or even a car.

In ancient times, “money” is often in the metallic form of gold, silver, and copper. Ten silver coins would equal 1000 copper coins to give you a better idea. Gold was the most precious one. That is why many decorations and art would use gold and silver ingots to symbolize wealth and prosperity.

The Yuan Bao 元寶 (Yuen Bo in Cantonese) has a special meaning in magic. It means the treasure of time, the preheaven energy that creates reality. The gold and silver Yuan Bao represents the yellow and white energy, respectively. The gold Yuan Bao represents the yellow “d5” energy, like the energy in your heart. It gives you the power to make decisions, be confident, stay focused, and be brave and strong in the heart so you will not give up. The silver Yuan Bao represents the white “d1” energy, like the light from your Yuen Sun; it gives you vision, direction, and opportunities, helps you to discover new ways to achieve your goal, and make things possible for you!

This god of wealth for income gives us help by raining down gold and silver, just like a god that rains down money to create more opportunities for us.

Our Personal Source of Wealth

There is a saying in Chinese, “If you have it in your life, you shall have it sooner or later. If you don’t have it, don’t try so hard to make it happen.”

In the Tin Law Jo Si article, you will learn how we got our Yuen Sun 元神, the spiritual planetary body, from nature. We all have a spiritual planetary body, which is our wealth source. The Yuen Sun provides us with all the preheaven energies we can have, and it will go into our energy body to fuel our soul and body to think and act. No matter how hard you try, it won't turn out great if your Yuen Sun doesn’t have the wealth for you.  That is why we say some people are just gifted or talented in something because they all have a gift from their Yuen Sun, which is why they can do much better in those subjects. For example, a little girl can write professional calligraphy with a big brush at five, which is impossible for a normal child.

Being talented at something means you don’t have to work too hard, and the results are already there. Some people are just good at something, and they don’t even need to learn much. Some people try hard to learn or do something and face struggles and hurdles. You need the potential, which we call wealth!

The energy from the Yuen Sun goes to the heart and gives your heart the power to “feel” and direct your body to do things, make decisions and judge things in life. For example, if your Yuen Sun is giving you wealth, your heart will guide you to do things that bring you good results. The energy in the heart is gold. A person who lacks gold would feel lost in life or pick the wrong things to do, wasting their time on useless things and going in circles with nothing coming back. Why did you want to stick around these friends who drain your time and energy? Why did you feel that you should work for this underpaying company? Why did you feel you should be with this man who only cheated and hurt you? If you had more gold, your feelings and decisions would be different.

Life Changing Story

Before Saam Law Tao came into my life, I always struggled and fought my way through life. Everything is tough and rough for me. I could be doing better in school. Yet, I have chosen to stick around useless friends and drop out to start my business in my 20s. Then I was betrayed by people, relatives, and even my masters. It seemed like I had no way to walk in life, and I left with the option to run my business, a local temple—every decision I made led to nothing but more problems and poverty.  Our journey was tough, and money was always running out. We kept going and never borrowed money, but sometimes we were almost evicted and homeless. We walked through the journey by eating rice, canned beans, plain rice and a few pieces of meat cooked in a sauce. People think opening your business is supposed to bring you more money than working for others, and I can tell you that it is not true, at least not in my case. I lived on a minimal budget for everything, and life was extremely gloomy. The problem is not that I am not good at what I am doing for the business or working hard enough. I worked all day long and didn’t take breaks, and the quality of work I provide is not bad too. Have you ever heard people talk about things like this? Mcdonald’s doesn’t make great burgers; their food is junk, but somehow, they earn a lot of money, and many people buy it. While your burgers are high quality and delicious, you worked hard, and your business doesn’t grow. It’s not just that, but you seem to feel like life is gloomy, as if nothing in sight gives you hope or a clue to improve.

After Saam Law Tao came into my life, the god of wealth started helping me. Everything has changed dramatically over the years. I can work less and rest more while my income increases and stabilizes. The ideas I have and the things I choose to do have become much more fruitful and rewarding. It’s magical because I was just the same person, just that the ideas that came to me pushed me in a new direction that I never expected, and it works! I started to have more time and energy, and my life is back!  Instead of stress and struggling, I can finally enjoy my time more and more, which is a huge change of direction. I am still doing the same business; amazing! Within a few years, life changed so much, and we got financially stable and achieved financial freedom, which is a dream for many people. Our food is no longer like poor-man-style, and health returned to the positive. It’s so happy to see this kind of change, like life is bright again!

There was an era in which I was stuck with some bad disciples who drained my life away like a vampire. These disciples were time and energy-consuming, but I was outputting and exhausting myself for them all the time, which was a bad habit of mine. Too bad, because I had these disciples before Saam Law Tao came into my life, I was carrying on the relationship and didn’t know how to change to stop what I was doing for them. Some took advantage of me, and I got many problems from all my over-sacrificing love. The Munn Choy Sun came to my rescue and brought me much wealth. After my Yuen Sun was wealthy again, I had a better vision. My life automatically shifted gears; it steered in a new direction, leading me to change the lineage and do things that magically turned these bad disciples away. They left the lineage one after another, and my life also got freed up! At first, I was worried because so many people left simultaneously, but after witnessing the changes after that event, I was so happy. Many good things happened afterward, and life has gotten much better and happier without them. I am grateful for the wealth I got from this god; it’s amazing how wealth can change someone’s life magically. The process might be hard to swallow or accept, but if you have faith in god, he will always bring you on a good path and walk you to a better future!

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Munn Choy Sun is a god that can help you change your life and bring you new opportunities and directions in life. His wealth can open up new avenues for you and improve your future. If you want a better life and new directions in life, then make sure you embrace this god’s power! You can get the Magic Foundation eBook to learn his FU HEAD, prayer and spell!  Get ordained today to learn more about him and how to use his magical powers.