Taoism FU Magic Explained

by Tin Jee | 08 August, 2020

Taoism Fu Talisman are important parts of being a Taoist. While it may seem like it is just a yellow piece of paper with calligraphy and stamps on it, the magic and essence behind a fu is more than what you can imagine.

What is a FU Talisman?

by Tin Jee | 30 April, 2019

FU Writing Basic Setup

by Tin Jee | 21 December, 2017

Where should you sit when you draw FU?  Does it matter?  Find out!

My Precious- FU Talismans Hidden Secrets

by Tin Jee | 20 December, 2017

What makes a FU powerful?  Hint: it's not the paper or ink.  Read on to find out.