Taoism vs COVID-19

by Tin Jee | 10 August, 2020

When searching for a cure for the coronavirus, many people often look to vaccines, medications, etc., but unbeknownst to many, Taoism has all the answers they have been searching for. With Taoist magic, the coronavirus can easily be dealt with, but you must put in effort first in learning the Taoist solution.

How Does Taoist Prayer Work for COVID19?

by Tin Jee | 09 August, 2020

Amidst the coronvairus pandemic, you may be shocked to learn that Taoist prayers and magic can actually help to prevent and even cure the virus. Through cultivation under a genuine Taoist source, such as our lineage, you can learn the magic to fight back against this deadly virus.

Coronavirus (Covid-10) Remedy with Taoist Magic

by Tin Jee | 21 March, 2020