Non-Chinese Writing Taoism FU

I have emphasized many times that non-Chinese can also do Taoism FU and learn Taoist magic in Tin Yat Lineage. We are very experienced in teaching non-Chinese because somehow there are just more non-Chinese disciples ordaining since we started promoting online. Here is a FU picture from one of our disciples learning to draw FU. She is not even 1% Chinese, but just trying to copy the FUs on the book with the calligraphy brush and red ink.



These FU will WORK. They will work just as well as the professionally done ones by me. Well, maybe not as powerful as mine – ha!  But it’s still good and powerful enough to do the job. Here is another one from a disciple who knows some Chinese…

It’s better because he knows what the words are like in general, but hey, doesn’t mean that the first pic is weaker just because it doesn’t look as neat.

So, what determines if the Taoism FU “works” or not?

The best way I can put it is like this – imagine you are writing tickets like those small tickets that the waiter will write for you when you order food outside. After the order is taken, then the waiter will submit their ticket to the kitchen and the chef will do their job to cook and plate everything. After the food is done, the waiter will go back and look for the ticket and grab the food next to it and there goes the food. See the pic below:

Well, that is because now we have computers and printing, but back then, or even in most non-hi-tech places, such as those restaurants in Hong Kong and China, they write like doctors:

So, what do you think, do they “work”? Of course, they have been doing it like this for years and generations; while they look ugly, the kitchen can read it and the food can be made and delivered. What’s wrong with the messy ticket?

Oh right, here is MY FU that you might want to see for your entertainment…. Woosh! This is Ph.D. Taoist grade, right?! LOL


So, what makes the FU “work”? The kitchen is there or its just someone pretending there is a kitchen and scamming people on the street? Is the kitchen functioning? Is there a chef and food and all that? Is the chef cooking? Can the food be delivered? All that makes the ticket REAL or not.

The ticket can look like a piece of crap, but in the end, you get your five-star dinner then it is real, who cares about the ticket, right?  What makes the Taoism FU work is not your calligraphy or script, but the actual god that is taking the “order” and delivering you the HELP that you requested.  Even if your words are ugly or missing strokes and such it will still work because the god in the “kitchen” can read your message and understand what you need. As long as the message can be delivered, the help will be there and everything will WORK just fine!  However, many people are thinking that they need to “copy” the “old tickets” for it to “work” and somehow (especially westerners these days) believe that Taoism FU works because of the “energy in their body” (ridiculous) and not because of the gods on the altar. I am speechless looking at those so-called “Taoist fans club” out there trying to think they are knowing it all without dipping into a real path to learn what Taoist magic is about. It’s scary if you try to dive into those forums or groups without knowing how wrong they can get you.

If you are in a rush, you can even draw a “symbol” to make it a FU for whatever purpose, it will WORK too – as long as there IS a god and the god is cultivated daily. So, what makes the Taoism FU “real”?  Read the lesson again and you will get it.

Ordain today to learn Taoist magic online! We emphasize teaching Taoist magic and not "historical" Taoism here. You learn the things that can be used and not just for "studying". It's something that is "alive" and you can definitely learn and master the art without going to China. Save your money and use them to beef up your altar instead, no need to travel for nothing but "history".