FU Talisman for Opening Third Eye

This is not the first time, but over 100 times in a year, I have been asked by e-mail for a FU talisman that opens up the “third eye.” I figured that an article is needed to put some real information out there for these people who are eager to explore the spiritual world yet got misled by the irresponsible “masters.”

The Third Eye

First of all, let’s make it clear, what does it mean by the “third eye,” and what are people trying to achieve by “opening” it?

Most people looking into this are trying to get a shortcut to “open” their third eye and hoping to have the ability to “see” ghosts or spirits or even explore the other spiritual things that are not visible to the naked eye.

First, that’s not how you see ghosts; that is a misleading thing people get from the movies.

Secondly, if you can see them, don’t you think they can also “see you”? What can you do if you get harassed or bullied? After all, you only can “see” them and not fight them.

Thirdly, how could you tell if that thing is a real spirit or illusion, and how can you tell if they are “real” or not, you have no one to guide you and teach you how this new “dimension” work. You are like a blind man walking in a new world, trying to figure everything out yourself? No way that sounds like suicide to me.

The Problem

When you see the ghosts and spirits, they can also see you, and interaction will kick in. You can be harassed or bullied because you are a “newbie” in this world, and now what? Anyone who claims that they have FU or magic that can open your third eye is either a scammer or is irresponsible by putting you at risk.  They don’t care about what will happen to you later and definitely won’t be around you when you need help. You paid for the FU; you got the FU, that’s that. It’s like selling drugs to people and then getting them addicted; who cares if they die and suffer from it later on?

Many people die from curiosity, just like drugs. You are curious how it feels like when you are high, smoke and do some drugs, then suddenly you feel high, addicted to it, and your life is going downhill, pouring money to the drug lord monthly, and your health will go down day by day. Somehow you thought that was a good thing to do, but why? Spend the money for people to kill you? It all started because of curiosity and bad guys taking advantage of your naïve side.

The Real Deal

So, you are curious, can we see ghosts and spirits? The short answer is yes; we can soul travel into their worlds to interact with them when we are doing exorcism too. However, this is not something you can do just by using a FU. It’s like an ability earned when you cultivate it for some time.

Besides “seeing” them, you can also interact with their world, and this requires a lot of personal teachings from the master, who is experienced and know what they are doing. It’s like someone who has been a fisherman for 40 years teaching you how to fish and swim in the ocean. You won’t be able to get it yourself even if you try to figure it out by kicking the water in your bathtub.

You would also need a lot of tools, a strong altar, and much knowledge in your head to deal with things in the other worlds. Even a soldier needs a bag of tools and a good weapon to survive in war! If you have yet to spend the time and effort cultivating, then going into this new dimension is like suicide.

There is no shortcut; that’s the fact. Taoist magic is like martial arts; you need to put time and effort into it to get results and achievements.

Never believe anyone who promotes shortcuts because it’s often too good to be true, and that’s what scammers always promote.

If you want to learn to become a real Taoist who can “see” the spirits, you better be prepared to commit more than any other ordinary Taoist. Your first step is to be ordained. After that, you will be guided to learn. Remember, there is no shortcut.