FREE Protection FU for Ghost Month

This year, there is a special offer – FREE FU(s) for everyone for the ghost month period! You can print the FU(s) and submit them to Jee Sifu (me) for free sanctification by distance. The FU(s) will expire in about 1-1.5 months. It’s a special FU and a special season to gift everyone some Tao power and protection due to the increased troubling factors this lunar month. Read more on Ghost Month in another post!

In this post, we will take the time to explain what this FU is all about and how to make the best use of the FU!

This special protection FU calls upon the special power from the celestial court, invoking the Five Thunder Sin Si, Golden Dragon Deity and Purple Dragon Deity, to deploy their powers into where your FU Is and help you block away evils while suppressing their powers and not let them be able to penetrate the “firewall.” It is a blocking FU as well as a guard and protection FU.

Imagine the FU is a light bulb; you would want to tape it high up and not low or even in the middle level in the house. Wherever the FU (as a light bulb) shines and illuminates, the area is protected and guarded. Do not cover or block the FU’s vision if you are taping it up!

You can also carry the FU by folding it up and placing it inside your wallet or even sandwich it inside the phone case. Traditionally, we wear the FU on our neck with a string and have the FU folded into a triangle, then put it into a pouch or something to protect it against moisture and physical damage. Any way will work; ensure the FU is on or around you.

Suppose you want to conceal the FU in something because you cannot let the FU be exposed or seen. In that case, you can fold the FU in half vertically, then burn the FU from the top, hold the FU securely and use the flame to circle over the object 3x CW, dot, and put the FU to finish burning inside a bowl. The ashes can be trashed afterward. The FU is then injected and merged into an object. This method can let you “hide” the FU and not let it be seen, especially if you are doing this for an office or shop where you might not want people to see a “FU” being taped up. You can burn the FU into an object and then just put the object there like it is a decoration.  If you have a baby or children who are still young, a paper FU might not be suitable for them, then you can burn the FU into their schoolbag or blanket, and now it will not be damaged!  You can also consider our FU TAGs as a nice container for the FU too!

To make the FU even more powerful, you should get initiated and learn the 3 FU HEADS from our eBooks. Five Thunder Deity, Golden Dragon Deity, and Purple Dragon Deity FU HEADs. If you are serious about learning, consider ordaining and get started with the direct learning experience in our lineage!