How to Get Unlimited Taoism FUs for FREE

What if I tell you that you can get an unlimited amount of FUs for the price of ONE FU? For example, you bought a protection FU and can have 999 of them without adding any money to the cost. Crazy right? We know it is a bad idea to tell you this, but somehow it should be told because you deserve it since you have faith in Saam Law Tao. Let’s reveal the secret of Taoism that no one wants you to know here.

Unlimited FUs Duplicating

You might be curious, why would one want to do this, to “duplicate” a FU so many times? This is a situation that you might not have thought of. Imagine we live in a village, and the village is facing a big curse from the other village; as a Taoist master, I am obligated to stand up for the village and bring protection power to everyone. However, if writing FU by hand, I would need to write about 1000+ FUs. Not to mention how long it would take to write, the amount of energy spent on just “writing” the FU is already ridiculous. Do we have the time to waste? The cursing and evil magic is already started; it’s like a tsunami crashing upon our village; how can we even waste time doing magic that slow and not to mention that I would become a piece of human jerky by the end of the day just “writing” FU and not even doing any magic to sanctify them and charge them up yet.

The wise Taoist (me) asked the god for guidance. The god then taught me away. Saam Law Jo Si said: “You can get a bag of beans. Write one FU and sanctify it, then burn it into the beans. All the beans in the bag will become a duplicate of the same FU. Now you have 1000+ FUs instantly.”

Do you see how crazy it is? One FU for 1000+ of FUs! That’s a huge lifesaver! Now I can focus on deploying the magic to the people and protecting them!  Everyone needs to have one of these magical beans with them, and the protection FU is already there!

Imagine we have to make exorcism FU water for people to drink; by using this method, we have already saved 1000+ people with one FU because we burn the FU into a big pot of water, and now everyone can drink the water. If we need to “ship” the FU to people, water might be a bit troublesome to ship. Therefore, we can duplicate the FU into a bag of salt; then, everyone will get a packet of salt in their mailbox, which they will mix into water and use as exorcism FU water!

Burning a FU is not that simple. It would help if you burned it RIGHT for the FU to duplicate into things. Fold the FU outward, burn from the top, and then use the flame to draw a 3x CW circle over the object (like the bag of beans or a pile of “printed FU”). Then dot it into the center, let it burn into the object, dump the FU into a bowl to keep burning, and there you go!  While holding the burning FU on top of the object, you will also recite a spell:

Xuan Chia Cian Tian Doe, Ya Ki Whua Saam Chieong,
Saam Noh Wei Baan Juan, Chian Bien Whuaan Whua Sin,
Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong, Bien!

What is the Catch?

Now that you know the secret of how we can duplicate FUs and make one FU turn into many, you might think that you can get one FU from Jee Sifu and then keep duplicating it into more. You would have unlimited supplies; why even need to buy a new one or pay for more?

Well, yes, indeed. You can buy one protection FU from me and keep using the method above to duplicate it into more FU and have an endless supply of “protection FU.” However, the FU is just a ticket, like those ticket you see the waiter writes and send into the kitchen for the chef to cook whatever is on the list for the customer. Even if you can duplicate the tickets, does it mean the chef will keep cooking for you? You only paid for one steak; then you get one; even if you send in more duplicates of the ticket, it doesn’t mean the kitchen will give you free food.

If you are the god, this guy just paid $50 and expected all the premium level protection for 100000 days. Will you give him that? What can you get with $50? Maybe dinner or two. Think about how much protection is “fair” for this amount you output then. Try hiring someone to work as a guard, and see how much it costs. Even an automatic “app” for anti-virus costs $5+ a month, and no one is doing a thing for you but the program itself. That’s common sense here. It’s not the FU that has value; it’s the god’s power that is helping you and giving you special protection! 

If you are a disciple, god will help you because you are outputting your trust and faith for the Tao, which is why god will keep helping you without “counting” how much you have output. However, if you are not a disciple, the gods do not have this obligation to help you. If you want help, you should demonstrate your faith by using money to present your heart to the gods. The money you output goes to the lineage, which is the same as saying keeping the gods “alive.” Imagine the lineage is dead, then the gods are also gone because there is no lineage to hold onto the whole system anymore. Your output helps keep the gods going; then th,e gods will help you return. How much you output is how much the gods will help you.

Some people buy a protection FU and use the tip feature to add more money to the FU. For example, just the FU is $50. They add $300 more on top. This $300 is just purely giving and not requesting anything in return. That means your $300 is considered a “credit” in the god’s heart. The protection FU will give you the necessary power plus the amount you deserve because of this output.

How to Keep a FU Duplicating and Powerful

Suppose you have a protection FU and want to duplicate it into many for your friends, family, and such. How do you ensure this duplicate will work and stay powerful for the others? Very easy; make an offering to the lineage ($) for the intention of whatever you want to use the FU duplicate for. After you have done so, do the duplicating, and now your duplicates will work because you have output something for the gods to request extra help.

For the duplicate, you can use anything, and the easiest way is to have a bunch of “printed” FU or something like that ready, then duplicate the FU into those copies. Those are “fake FU” but now become real because of your work. Then whenever you give one duplicate to someone, make sure you get an amount of $ from that person, and then you will also contribute an amount to the lineage through our website. Your duplicate will work because the gods have acknowledged your request and seen your offerings. If you have the output for it, there will be help coming back. The amount of duplicates you can do is unlimited. You can duplicate and keep using the method to help more people as long as there is a need. At the same time, you must know to output and build your credit in the god’s heart; everything will work well.

Practical Example of Duplicating FU

Let’s say I have a house protection FU, and there is only ONE FU in hand, but what about the whole house that needs the protection FU power? You can duplicate the FU into small objects, like those Chinese coins or even other things you want to use as a new “body,” then duplicate the FU into them and place those small objects around the house. There goes a bunch of house protection FU objects that you can put all around the house for a super-protection-firewall.

You could be getting one bath cleansing FU from us, then duplicate it into a bunch of salt, and now you have a big amount of salt you can use for cleansing bath water. It’s just that easy. Make sure you do offerings and contribution to building your credit, then everything is good. The gods are not a machine; they don’t “count” and “record” how much you have output and how much they should help you. However, they are like humans; as long as they feel good about you, you will get the help you want.  If you are always using the magic and duplicating stuff, keep yourself on a consistent schedule for the contribution.

The more you use the FUs and enjoy them, the better they will get for you because the gods see that you love their help, so they will want to help you more!

If you love the magic duplicating method, I suggest you get ordained and become a disciple. You are building your altar and being able to do your FU, duplicating them, and using them every day. That’s one of the most enjoyable things about being a Taoist. It would be best if you tried it to feel it.