Protection Seal Magic that Everyone Wants

Naruto got people all excited about this “Kuji Kiri” magic, and many other animes and movies also contributed to the hype of this magic. Still, some people thought this was a Japanese thing, while it originated from Taoism long ago. It was later copied to Japan, with their twist or “change” of words. If you are researching this, I would tell you that you have come to the right place because I will not present you with something you see circulating the internet by many websites saying the same thing.

What is this magic all about? Initially, it was a protection magic that was used in a sect. It’s a short spell meant for quick deployment when the Taoist goes outside and into the mountains, where threats are hidden everywhere. Please think about when there was no electricity, technology, cellphone, guns, etc. Everyone going into the mountain would be like a journey to hell; you could face snakes, tigers, or whatever beast at night, in pitch black. Besides a sword or some cold weapons, you would need all the help you can get- including magic help.

The spell was named 六甲咒 which draws the power from your Yuen Sun and down to your soul so that you are focused, aligned, and aware of things happening around you. 臨兵鬥者皆陣列前行 – the nine words mean “come, the troop, warriors, all here in formation, before me, go.” If you think about it this way, you are calling your powers from the above to go in front of you so that the spiritual powers are walking in front of you, like they are blocking off or sensing the threats for you first. If anything is dangerous ahead, you would have them notify you so you can avoid bumping into those things by surprise.

Visualize that you are walking in a dark forest, and then you call up some of the “gods” or “celestial troops” they are like little light orbs, and then they go in front of you in a curve line formation, following your footsteps. As you walk, they move forward, sensing things in the perimeter and ensuring you are safe.

Some “translation” out there saying things like peace, harmony with nature, wisdom, and all that nonsense. I have no idea why they are so creative when the answer is right on the words already. Well, maybe that’s how they want it to work in their sect; who knows?

The Symbol

The symbol is called 4V5H, with four vertical and five horizontal strokes. This is just a symbol; it doesn’t do anything or have any magical power. It’s not different from a stop sign, a circle, an X, or a triangle. It’s the meaning we put into it that makes it useful.

Things come down from the above, and it happens as you move forward horizontally. We walk horizontally and do not jump up and down. The horizontal strokes represent the five phases of how things happen, called the five elements. The four vertical strokes represent the four phases of what is coming down from above. The Yuen Sun (which is located in the area around the Sun), the soul from the “ghost altar” (located around the moon area), to the local preheaven dimension where your energy body is, and from you then out to the area in front of you, which is where you need the help to be deployed. These four phases of transferring from the upper to the destination are called the “Four Big” 四大, and the word big means a full delivery (with nothing left behind).

When doing things, you go through five phases (five elements): gold, water, wood, fire, and earth.

Gold is when you don’t move (like metal, non-moving) while the heart groups inward and give you a feeling.

Water is when you put down the time (like water, it flows downward), so you decide to commit.

Wood is when you pick up the energy inside, motivating and energizing you to take action. You often think and ponder, which makes you want to take action even more. (Wood grows upward)

Fire is when you take physical action. (Fire burns the wood) As you execute the task, your motivation and thoughts will also decrease because you have done it already.

Earth is when you are done with the task, and now you are waiting and accumulating the fruits, witnessing the results. (Earth piles up over time)

As you can see, this explains the five phases of how you do things from start to finish; combined with the “four big,” the message is to have your whole system aligned and help you as you progress and do what you have to do. The message is very simple, call the above for help and assistance as you do things.

Does it Work?

Any magic will not work for you if you do not belong to the sect that teaches magical methods. That’s the plain and boring answer. Some people hated the Japanese for “stealing” the Taoist method, but if you are a legitimate Taoist, you should not even care because what can they do if they don’t have the source connecting to them for the magic anyway? The Japanese would have to connect to their religious source, which means it is already a new magic in their system. It doesn’t matter if the words are “accurate” anymore because as long as that’s what they believe in their system, it would work for them since their source has agreed to it.

However, on the other hand, many Chinese don’t know how magic works, and they still believe that as long as the magic method is from an ancient book, it should have power. That is leading them nowhere. Flipping books from other sects don’t work; it’s like stealing from the other sect, which is disloyal to the sect you belong to.

You might be surprised; let’s say a person just found this magic online, and they “believe” that it would be protection magic for them. They don’t know the meanings of things, but they believe this is their magic for “protection.”This would work!

When you have no religious background, you don’t belong to any sect, and you are not connected to anything but your Yuen Sun as your primary source for the PreHeaven powers. If you believe a spell or magic method would be YOUR method for XYZ’s purpose, you are just setting this as a code to communicate with your Yuen Sun and your Yuen Sun will then understand what you want and give you the help you need. You are setting a new “code” into your system, which is fine; you can even draw a pokemon and sing a funny song for protection; as long as you believe it would work, you will get it to work since the magic is between you and your Yuen Sun.

The problem is when you try to use this with your religion or sect; it will not work because the gods there don’t have this in their system unless you set it into the system first.

It is not the symbol or spell that has power; it is the source of power you are connected to that is the actual power doing the job for you. The method you use is just a way to communicate with your gods. If you have a source providing help and power to you, any magical method will be powerful because the gods are there.

It is hilarious watching people all trying to research and dig up an old method recorded by Taoists thousands of years ago and trying to use what they have left behind while not trying to learn from a legitimate master who is alive and has a real connection with the gods. That is the power of media; it just brainwashes people, a great marketing tool!

For Saam Law Taoists

For disciples and Taoists in our lineage, this is for you! We also have the 4V5H symbol in our system and different variations. This symbol is generally used as a seal for the restriction against evils, like an evil blocking FU. You can deploy it anywhere to “seal” or “block” away evils; it can also be used on things to “trap” evils too.

Common usage for this is to be drawn over the door, head, windows, or any entrance or pathways that you want a blockage to be there for not to let the evils pass by.

The symbol can also be done with the 13 loops outside, which empower the magic with the help of the lineage’s power, like hooking it up with a power cable that supplies power to the magic. Without the 13 loops is fine, too, for a simple one-time blockage.

13 Loop spell for connecting things to the lineage’s power.




Ju Chiou Yin Miao,

Sin Ju Wu Mia,

Sin Yiou Su, Daai Gi, Daai Chiang

Another variation for the 13 loops is to use the higher power in the celestial court, calling the Jade Seal Nine Gods (nine main gods)





Tian Noh Ju Cia, Di Noh Ju Cia, Daai Noh Ju Cia,

Sin Nong Ju Cia, Gim Nong Cian Cia, Ju Nong Cian Cia,

Whuo Le Cian Cia, Bye Hwall Cian Cia, Saam Noh Ju Cia,

Hip Jong Cian Cia, Jong Sin Fu Chia, Nieong Sim Jieong Yin,

Daai Hen Wei Nieong, Chia!

To draw the symbol, you can follow our TikToks video:


@tinyatdragontao Taoist Magic Symbol - Seal and Protect #taoism #taoistmagic #symbol #sigil #daoism #daoistmagic #magic #futalisman #jeesifu #sorcery ♬ original sound - Tin Yat Dragon


The spell:




4v5h Spell

Si Jia Whuo Whuaan, Sin Nong Chuo Hong,

Paan Nong Gew Juan, Tian Di Chia Fong,

Yu Wu Jia Si, Yea Wu Jia Mong,

Yiao Mia Chia Doe, Bye Xia Chiam Chong,

Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

If the spell is too hard to remember because it’s so long, you can try this short version with one word per line.


Chue, Chia, Chuo, Why,

Bye, Xia, Chiaam, Chong,

Chia Fong Chia Nieong!

The last stroke on the bottom is done with four words.

It means to exorcise the evils, and all obstructive forces are suppressed, contained, authorized, and sealed in the powers as command says.

The longer spell is more powerful and does call in power from the lineage and court to help you execute the task. The shorter spell is good for local matters requiring less power. Both are fine for daily magic, but for long-term sealing like the main door, you should use the long one for more power that lasts longer.

To apply the magic on something and push out the evils, plus give it a one-time seal, you can deploy the magic with the sword finger; it’s simple and quick.

If you need the seal to last longer, you should have done your sun kuet to deploy a god there first and then write the symbol to instruct the god to do this for you.

We also have a 4v5h stamp that we consecrated at the altar, which allows us to just “stamp” things to tell the gods to put power to seal etc. It’s very useful for sealing the envelopes I ship out for FU orders and for sealing daily things such as doors and windows.

Use this magic daily when you go out the door, draw it at face level to put a “shield” in front of you, like those social distance plastic panels people put up to prevent covid. As you walk, a shield will be in front of you, blocking any evils coming at you, giving you more clarity and peace as you go through your day while preventing people from doing magic on you secretively. You can seal your belongings when you put them in the locker or leave them where people can touch or throw their bad energies at them from a distance. It doesn’t only deal with evil spirits and magic but also negative energies from people cursing, venting their emotions and things like that. If you feel people are doing magic on you or about to curse you, quickly scribble this in front of your face to “shield up.”

If you leave your bike or car behind in the parking lot, you can also seal it to prevent "ghosts" and thieves. Don't forget that evils are what makes people want to steal or do damage to other things!

You can also seal someone up to give them protection. The same seal over their face will give them the “shield,” You can also seal the top of their head to prevent possession attacks.

Got something with "evil" stuff inside? Wrap it up or bag it up, then 4V5H to seal it up; then you can trap the evil inside and not let it come out until the bag is destroyed or opened. Very useful for protecting the garbage you throw out daily because that way, you can also ensure no evil magic or evils can enter your garbage and "trace" you and your home.

Remember in the "timeless magic" article? Once you have practiced enough and used the magic many times, you should be able to "snap" it out in a flash and not slowly draw it stroke by stroke. It's like how we sign our name in a split second instead of slowly writing it out. Practice slowly (many times) to build a better foundation and increase the power, then when you use it, 'flash" it out quickly to deploy the magic. God knows what you want because your intention is there already. God doesn't look at your strokes and listen to your words individually. Newbies would have to do it slowly because they don't have the foundation yet. If you are mature enough, you can try the "timeless" method, which will be so much better for many situations; the magic is done in 0.1 seconds!

Not yet a disciple? Ordain today to start learning; magic is super useful for your everyday life, don’t let yourself be bullied by the spiritual elements!