FU HEAD 101 – The Powerful God Symbol

One of the most important things a Taoist disciple must learn in our lineage is the FU HEAD(s) or FU TAU 符頭. These are special symbols that serve as a “god’s signature.” They connect and channel the god’s power, which is handy for many situations. In this lesson, we will talk about the practical application of the FU HEADs and how to cultivate them after you have ordained them!

Source of Power

You have been granted some magical powers that stay inside your body for a newbie disciple, but you can imagine it’s just like a newbie-level power since you have not cultivated it much. The Celestial Court above is where all the powerful gods are and where you should be drawing the power from. There are many special gods with unique powers which can be useful for certain things; by knowing their property, you can use the FU HEAD to connect to them and channel their power for anything that might need some help! That means you are not just using the power inside your body but channelling the higher powers from above. That makes the real magic a lot stronger!

Special Powers of the Gods

Many different FU HEADs channel the different gods from the above, but the first one you should learn is the Saam Law Jo Si FU Head, which channels the power from the main god – Saam Law Jo Si. It is like a “good for everything” FU Head.  Before you know more, stick to this one will do the job! His power is golden yellow with sparkling white; it’s the magic power that can do anything!

After mastering the first one, learn the following three together. Tin Law Jo Si, Dei Law Jo Si, and Daai Law Jo Si.

Tin Law Jo Si is good for anything that needs positive help, empowerment, boosting, giving more potential, and anything that needs to be “better.” His power is white, like the sunlight that shines and gives light to things for them to grow!

Dei Law Jo Si is good for anything that needs negative help, such as sucking away bad energy, sucking in customers, or even removing evils. Anything that requires the god to “take away” is negative! The power is black, like a black hole!

Daai Law Jo Si is good for anything that needs to blossom, happen, or harmonize. Such as pushing the business deal to happen, dissolving a fight in the house, or even making couples more loving. Its power is yellow.

When you are ready to learn more, check out the FU HEAD ebooks and learn more about the others. However, with the 3+1 above, you should already be seeing a lot of practical applications for this!

Cultivation of FU HEAD

To cultivate your FU HEADs, you must go through these phases.

  1. Learn to draw them and learn to say the spell.
  2. Practice the symbol and spell many times to get it in your heart, and memorize it like it becomes your second nature.
  3. Combine the symbol and spell together, speed up, and ensure you do not forget it.
  4. Apply them to things and use them often.
  5. Consume the FU HEADs by drawing them on paper, stamping, sanctifying, drinking as FU water etc.

There is no shortcut; you must learn them step by step, practice more, and use them often. However, as you go through a few more FU HEADs, you will find the other ones easier to learn and memorize.

Application of FU HEADs

  1. Going out the door in the morning, lock the door, then put a Saam Law FU head over the door lock to secure and empower it for more security.
  2. Driving and seeing roadkill on the way, ouch, bad luck will stick to you because of the negative energy. Use Dei Law Jo Si FU HEAD and channel the black energy to suck away the negatives like a vacuum cleaner; problem solved!
  3. Arrive at work, and you sense someone at work is very grumpy today; buy them a cup of coffee and put a Daai Law FU Head over it to help them harmonize and get better with the mood.
  4. A co-worker just told you they had a bad day today and always do the wrong things, draw a Tin Law Jo Si FU Head over them and empower them, and bad luck will disappear.
  5. Boss told you to go to a business meeting with him, there is a very important talk with this client, and you must make the client sign the deal today. Put the Saam Law Jo Si and Daai Law Jo Si FU Head over the contract, and when the guy touches it, he will be pushed to sign it sooner!
  6. After work hours, your child at home just told you that he was having a bad day in school and so many things were not going right. Draw a Dei Law Jo Si FU HEAD over the bowl of water and sprinkle it over him, then have his bath in this water, dissolves the negative energies, and he is good again.
  7. During dinner, you learned that someone in school is confirmed positive with the covid; it’s time to give protection to your kid! Put a Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD over the mask, and top it up with a Tin Law Jo Si FU HEAD for extra repelling power.
  8. At night, your child has trouble falling asleep, and the mind is restless. Put on the humidifier and add some Dei Law Jo Si and Daai Law Jo Si FU HEAD into the water, then let the magic power slowly soak into the room air. He will sleep like a pig soon.

There can be many more examples of applying the FU HEADs in your everyday life. However, many will require video teachings, and you must be ordained to use them anyway!  Ordain today, and we will see you in the LINE chatroom for more teachings!