FU HEAD Taoist Magic Secret

We have released many eBooks for our disciples to learn the different FU HEADs in our lineage, but only a few would have the heart to learn them all because they have yet to see the value of these treasures. I will shed light for you and show you the way in this article, revealing the “secret” of FU HEAD to let you see the value and urgency of learning them all.

FU HEAD(s) 符頭 (FU Tau) are like the signature of the god(s), and they come with three elements: the physical drawing, the spell that goes with it, and what the fu head is connected to. For example, there is a FU HEAD for Saam Law Jo Si and a FU HEAD for the god of wealth etc.  They all have a spell that goes with it, just like the password requires a double authentication process!

Let’s do an example to let you understand the purpose of FU HEAD.

Now let’s say the god you want to talk to is “Saam Law Jo Si,” and you want him to give blessings to a few things for good luck. How can you tell Saam Law Jo Si which are the items to be blessed? Draw his FU HEAD over the items; now he knows which one to work on!

You are at work, and this person kept backstabbing you, and you want Saam Law Jo Si to kick his butt. How can Saam Law Jo Si know which is person to kick? You got it; FU HEAD over the guy by distance!

While walking home and you felt something strange, or maybe some bad guys tagged you at the back, how can you call Saam Law Jo Si up to overwatch the situation? Draw the FU HEAD in the air, and he will be there immediately.

You see how Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD work now, but there are so many other FU HEAD(s) because every god has their FU HEAD! You can connect to the different gods and channel down their powers by using their FU HEAD(s) to help you with different things. The more you know about the gods, the more you will know when to use which god for the best result. As a general rule, go for Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD if you don’t know that much as a newbie.

We talked about the spells being done while you draw the FU HEAD. The spell calls the god, while the FU HEAD is like a marking for them to see where to focus their attention. If you draw the FU HEAD, the god has not yet connected with you, so you are like drawing the fu head with no one watching you; no god will respond to the FU HEAD. You need the spell to call the god, just like giving them a call by phone.

Surprise for you here – you don’t need a heart spell to bring out the power etc. The FU HEAD and its spell alone is enough!  If you use the heart spell first, you only need to do the FU HEAD alone, and the spell is not needed since the heart spell can connect to the god too. Yet, if you want to play safe, you can always do the heart spell, fu head and the spell for the fu head together. FU HEADs are meant to be used quickly and immediately, just like you are walking and suddenly sense the threat coming at you, then you can scribble the FU HEAD in the air, say the spell, and stomp the right foot 1x (or 3x if you need it to take action right away).

What if you forgot the FU HEAD because you are nervous or panicking? No worry, scribble something as a replacement. This scribble replacement will work if you have previously practiced and learned the FU HEAD. Remember to practice more on your normal days; even if you scribble something to replace the FU HEAD in an emergency, it will still work just as well as the pretty version you used to draw.

Many disciples have this misunderstanding that they think all they need to do is to pray to god, like telling god what they need help with or what they wish to happen. Then that’s it!  Oh, mine, how do you expect god to know how to help you?  The FU HEAD lets the god know where you need the help to be deployed, which is a critical step. It’s like you ask someone to help you, then you need to be precise and give them instructions about when and how to give you the help; they cannot just make up something for you.

Let’s say you prayed to Saam Law Jo Si about your job interview tomorrow, and you said, “Saam Law Jo Si, dai jee Tin-X is here to pray to you for help. I have a job interview tomorrow; can you please help me to do well and get the job…!” Sounds normal, right?  Yes, it is normal, and also a common way your prayer does not help because you only told god a message, and there are no details or ways for the power to be deployed.

Rewind a bit to pray to Saam Law Jo Si; you will hold the “Heart Incense Handsign” at the heart level, and then say your heart spell (HS0) in the heart, stomp the left foot 1x. Then, pull the handsign to your forehead and talk with eyes closed (talk inside). Stomp the left foot 1x and bow 1x after you are done talking. The handsign is simple, clamp the palms together, then bend down the index finger while the thumb press over the outside edge of the thumb.

 heart incense

Do the same prayer at home, and Saam Law Jo Si will hear your words. Good job, but add these:

  1. Grab the clothing you plan to wear tomorrow, iron them nicely and then draw Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD over them, and now you got them empowered for a “better impression” tomorrow!
  2. Grab your resume and FU HEAD over it, so the guy who takes it will feel you are the best candidate right away.
  3. When you are about to go into the interview, scribble a FU HEAD into your left palm and clap the palm once to “stamp” the fu head over to the right palm. When you shake hands, Saam Law Jo Si will help you ZAP the person and make them like you and want to hire you today!

There are so many ways to deploy the magical powers of Saam Law Jo Si to empower you for the interview; it’s up to you to discover and create your ways to use the magic. Now you can see how important the FU HEAD is!  If you don’t use the FU HEAD, you miss 90% of the magic help!

After you return home, you can thank Saam Law Jo Si immediately. You can prepare a snack or something that can be eaten like you are treating someone with some bagel or coffee. Oh yes, coffee is fine too. Anything edible is fine! Put it on the table, then pray again to talk to Saam Law Jo Si and say thank you, plus “here are some XYZ for you….” Then after the prayer is said, you will draw the FU HEAD over the things you are giving Saam Law Jo Si. One FU HEAD over the bunch of things is fine; no need to write it multiple times. After that, you can leave the food there for a short time for the god. Set a timer, like 10mins or so. After that, you can take down the food and consume it yourself (after the god is done consuming). The gods will often put their blessings in the food for you after they have consumed your heart from it. Therefore, this will also benefit you and replenish your magic power. You don’t need an altar to do this; it can be done anywhere too!

You will want to ask the Celestial Medic Deity for help when you are sick. Then you should learn the FU HEAD! Do the prayer to tell this god about your problem and ask for help. Then FU HEAD the medicine and things you need help with. This will allow the Celestial Medic Deity put his power into things and help you recover faster!

When locking your doors at night, you might want to draw the Five Thunders Sin Si FU HEAD over the door to add extra power to resist and block off evils! Remember to use the spell for the FU HEAD so that this god can know you called him! Since you don’t even need a heart spell to use the FU HEAD, it’s a one-second scribble, super fast and easy@

FU HEAD is so useful; it can be an FU-of-anything! Check out our download page for all the FU HEAD books, and get started on learning them today! Still, needs to be ordained?  Do so today, and you will make the year’s best choice!