Sending Your Condolences to Someone as a Taoist

by Tin Jee | 17 January, 2023

Learn about the right way to send your condolences to someone when they have someone who died in their family.

Taoist Seven Days Funeral Ceremony

by Tin Jee | 20 December, 2022

Explaining how the seven days funeral ceremony work in Taoism and what we do for the ghost, what the ghost will go through and why it is so important for them. Professional Taoist master explains.

Breaking the Hell Gate

by Tin Jee | 04 August, 2022

Breaking the hell gates can help a dead person greatly, but do you know that it also applies to people who are alive? What is this ritual really about and why it is so important?

Do This Quickly if You Encounter Death

by Tin Jee | 06 June, 2022

What to do if you encounter death, like seeing roadkill, dead animals or human, or even someone passing away and you need to go to their funeral and such? Why should you care and how will it affect you.

Throwing Out the Belongings of the Dead

by Tin Jee | 13 February, 2022

What to do with the things people left behind, the belongings for the dead ones, are they good to keep or should be discarded, when and how to do so.

Burning Offerings in Taoism

by Tin Jee | 12 February, 2022

Lets talk about how the burning offerings work, what is being delivered to the other side and how come it can be done, what makes it work and such. Learn about the real thing and not the tradition only.

Yin Gods 陰神

by Tin Jee | 12 February, 2022

Yin Gods are very important in this world, they are evil to us, but also can be very beneficial to us in a way. Read up on how they interact with human and how they are so important

Ancestor Negative Spirits 陰孽魂

by Tin Jee | 12 February, 2022

Most call it angry ghost, or demons, or something close to this vibe, which is a type of very angry and hate-filled spirit that is born from the negative soul of the ghosts in dimension 9...

Ancestor Worshipping Mindset

by Tin Jee | 12 February, 2022

This article talks about everything you need to know about ancestor worshipping and how to do it properly, what can your ancestor do to you and such.

Ghost Immortal 鬼仙

by Tin Jee | 11 February, 2022

One of the most interesting post you can read on ghost and what ghost is like after they are dead from their ghost world. This is about the ghost immortals who can connect back to the human beings.

Taoism After Death World (Ghost World)

by Tin Jee | 11 February, 2022

This article tells you about the ghost world, where ghost lives and how their society is like, and what it takes to transition from that to another dimension and being a ghost immortal...

Taoism and Death Explained

by Tin Jee | 11 February, 2022

This article tells you everything you need to know about death, and how you should prepare for it. Also, what to do of you witnessed death like animals dying or an accident etc.

Funeral for Taoists Explained

by Tin Jee | 11 February, 2022

Everything you should know about funeral in Taoism, your death and how to deal with your body and everything. It's not something to fear, but to be happy about!

The Point of Living – Taoism’s Wisdom

by Tin Jee | 26 January, 2022

Sick and tired of living and want to know if dying is a better way out? It's time to see what Taoist master have to say, don't give up yet, until you read about all these things then you can reconsider.

What’s the Afterdeath World Like

by Tin Jee | 11 August, 2020

What happens after you die? Is there such thing as heaven or hell? In Taoism, we know that death is not "the end" of life. It's merely just the end of life here, and a transition into the next life, which is eternal. How your next life is all depends on the preparation you have done in your time here.

The Spiritual World

by Tin Jee | 22 December, 2017

The spiritual realm and spirits - are they here to help?  Read on to find out the truth!