Why You Need to Fold a FU Talisman

It is a common practice to fold the FU talismans into a triangle when we need to carry them. However, did you ever wonder why we need to do that or do we need to do that for the FU to “work”? What is the purpose of folding a FU into a certain “shape”?  In this article, we will get this cleared up for you!

Do you NEED to Fold It?

The short answer is “no.” You don’t need to fold a FU Talisman for it to work. FU will work no matter what you fold it into, as long as they are properly done and sanctified at the altar. A FU is a request ticket to request help from the gods. If the gods have approved and agreed, the FU has no reason to “not work.” It is not the FU itself that is “working.” Instead, it is the god that goes with the FU that is working!  Imagine the FU is just a ticket that says what food to cook, and the chef is beside the ticket and cooking the food for you. It’s not the ticket that matters; the food that matters, and the chef that is cooking those matters. The ticket is more like there for the chef to find you and give you the food later. Have you ordered food from a food court before? They give you a ticket and will find you again when the food is ready. You show the ticket, and food is then delivered to you. FU is like that too. You hold the FU; then God knows you are the one who needs to help; they will come to you and help you.

Why Fold the FU

Folding the FU gives the FU a “shape” or a “body,” which turns the FU into a “magical tool”! Think about it this way, if a FU is made for bringing in the god’s power to “chop the ghost” and kill the demons, you got a FU in hand, but what can the god use to “chop” the ghost? Then you FU the FU into a “sword” or a “knife” (make it into a shape that looks like one), and now you have a “tool” for the power to go into. Because of that, the spiritual body of the FU power will become a sword which will allow the god’s power to go into, and there goes a magical sword that can chase and chop the ghost for you. The same can be done by injecting the FU (burning it over) into a wooden sword or any sword-prop.

You can also understand it this way – The soul is like water or air; it is shaped by the body, which acts as a container. The body is like a balloon, and the air or the soul is filled inside. If the body is a dog, the soul of it will become a dog soul. If the body is a sword, the soul will become a sword. The same applies to FU. The FU will have the god and its power, and the “body” will give the god a form in the spiritual dimension, which allows the god to actually “transform” itself into a useful form that suits the job.

For example, let’s say this FU is meant to give you a good vision, allowing you to “see” opportunities and spot scams in life. Sure, you can carry the FU, and it will work too. However, if you put the FU into a new body, let's say your eyeglasses, now the power has an even better way to influence and help you. When you put on the eyeglasses, the power will kick in and help you to empower the vision.

Having a good body for the FU allows the job to be done better and more precisely. It is like asking someone to help you break the door. Sure, they can break the door for you with their body, maybe kick it. However, giving them a tool, such as an axe, could make the job easier and faster. That’s how the FU’s spiritual body works. Giving the FU the right “form” helps the FU to become more effective and more powerful.

The Triangle

The reason for the triangle folding is because it symbolizes a tool used in the military in the past called a Ling Jeen 令箭, which is a wooden tool that is used for setting off military commands that are to be executed. In the movies, you can still see this all the time. For example, if someone in front of the judge needs to be beheaded, the judge will take one of these things and throw it onto the ground. Once it is dropped, then it means this needs to be done immediately. There are other situations, such as when the court needs to bring in a person, the judge will give one of these “arrows” to a person, and that person then has the power to execute the task. The “arrow” gives the person the power and authority to do things as the court says.

So, what do you think this FU “arrow” means? The triangle?

The god that follows the FU now has the “arrow,” meaning he can hand it to the troops when needed and tell his people to execute the task that the FU says.

Without the triangle, the god can help you, and that’s that. The god can command other troops to do things and execute the task with the triangle. As you can see, folding the FU allows the god to authorize more people under their command to work.

As I have said, not folding the FU works too. Even rolling it up works too. It’s just that the triangle is one of the typical things we do for some FUs, and it allows the god to lead their own troops and carry out the task better than doing the job themselves.

Other Options

FUs can be folded into other shapes or even burnt and inject into other objects. It depends on the FU and what you want to do with it. As we said before, the FU can be burnt into a pair of glasses, a sword, a pen, etc.

When you ordered a FU from our website, we would tell you to go to the website and learn how to activate the FU and fold the FU into a triangle by default. If you find it hard to do, you can fold it into a square or roll it up into a tube. It will still work fine, and you don’t have to worry too much about it.