How Can Magic Help in Emergency

After the “Water Outage Wisdom,” part 2 will be about what Taoist magic can do to help. What can magic power do for your situation if you are having a blackout, a water outage, or whatever bad times? This is very important to know and learn in case of anything. I know it sounds like people back in the old days who got a flood, and all they do is worship the god and pray to the god for help; it doesn’t work to solve the problem, and you need to have some people do physical work to get things fixed. However, this is what we think as modern people living in 2023, or was we wrong? Be open-minded because you are about to learn something new that might change your perspective for a lifetime.

Let’s use the water outage incident as an example. You can read the article if you want to, but the long story short is that our building got an emergency last night; the city pipe broke, and our building is out of the water, with a surprise flood in the parking lot. Due to what happened, we have no water or elevator service. We are waiting for the city to send their people to repair and save us. No one can go down to buy water, too, unless you want to walk the stairs and travel back up with triple the weight on your back. We have about 25 floors here with all the units stuck in this situation on a Monday morning; how frustrating and frightening.

The Relationship

We all know that magic cannot directly work on the pipe and repair it. Only cartoons or fairy tales would show you things that ridiculous. Swing the wand and boom; something is exploded; no way.

However, Let’s lay out the picture and know how our case would be resolved. Our case would be resolved when the city’s technician is here to repair the pipe, and the building would return to normal.

However, the people who do the job can be affected, which can change the result. They can door a poor job or a good job, they can drag and procrastinate or work hard to rescue, they can be clueless and nervous or going into brain fog mode, or they can be clear-minded and alert, which leads to good decisions being made, they can work faster or slower, they can feel rushed or not rushed, they can take a few hours or a few days, no one can force them if they insist on dragging a few days, because it is only them who knows what is going on anyway.

As you can see, the people who do the repairing are all human beings, and all human beings are powered by a soul inside them, which give them the ability to be focused, think, and act. See “Souls and Spirits.” Magic power going to this case could help affect and empower their souls, pushing for a better ending. They could have been more focused, leading to fewer mistakes, such as forgetting a tool in the car, dropping something during work, or even getting hit by a wrench because someone was careless. They could have better thinking power to troubleshoot and not freak out. They could have better physical action, which leads to a better outcome.

Let’s go back a step, the building is also facing a hurdle, and the people who work at the building have to solve their problem too. Dealing with the flood, the broken pipe connection, fixing this and that, and turning the water back on at the end. They have much stress too, which could lead to them freaking out on each other, not working efficiently, or making poor decisions such as going outside for a cup of coffee and napping for an hour before coming back to “deal with it.” We could also affect their souls, which will help their team do better to bring us the best outcome.

Let’s move back one more step. What about my wife in the house and me? Would that be nice if we went through a day of the water outage feeling hopeless, bad mood, arguing, and freaking out on each other? Or we could have better ideas, stay harmonized, be happy, spend time doing things that will keep us positive, make good food and water consumption decisions, and do our part to utilize our resources better. Would that be nicer? Imagine facing a water outage day. Would you want a day to be happy and time to fly by quickly? Or would you like a day of suffering and pain like time is dreadfully dripping away every second? Magic could also help us have a much better experience throughout the incident.

The God Power is Helping

When everyone in the lineage is giving help, they are all doing something to give birth to a “God,” starting from a “spiritual embryo.” The god will stay at their location and keep beaming power down from the lineage’s power source, the celestial court. It’s like a satellite beaming down from the sky.

This god they have created will stay at their location, and when it has gotten the power from the above, it will beam the power back up to the atmosphere level, which is what we call “the Ground Zone,” as explained in the “moon” article. This will allow the power to “rain” back onto the places needing help. The people involved in this project, including the city’s side, the building’s side, and even us in the apartment, will instantly get the power immediately. This power in the “ground” zone is like a cloud, but imagine many disciples are cooking up their god and sending it up to the ground zone, then there will be many clouds gathering up in the same area. This cloud gets bigger and bigger and becomes like a big resource pool that will serve as a power source for everything and everyone involved in the project, giving them help at the soul level, the D6. Let’s not forget that even the technician who came needs his soul to work physically. If his soul is not doing well, he will be grumpy, dreadful, and maybe get hurt in repairing etc.

Everyone doing magic for the same cause will cook up their god at their location, and the power will be grouped in the same location in D6 (the spiritual realm), which the location is around where our cloud levels us. This energy in D6 affects D8. This means the soul or spiritual energy affects the physical outcome of things. Yes, physical work is important, just like we all know. But the physical work is done by a person, and the person runs on his soul power!

Imagine I have to go out to buy water or stay home, or I should eat this first or that first; it’s all my soul energy doing the thinking and processing, not the body that acts!  Some people have bad energy in their souls and would do “stupid things” in this situation. Oh, the water is out; who cares? Let’s flush the toilet first. Oh, the water is out? No problem, let’s create more dirty dishes. Why don’t you think before acting? Well, too bad the soul was not doing well.

How to Help

Whenever anyone in the lineage faces a hurdle like this, we should all send help their way, just like we would to you when it happens to you.  There are many ways to send help, but the simplest way is using the Daily Rite you do daily. Do the same thing to send it toward this cause. After you are done, bow 3x and let the god know it is for this purpose; then, the magic will work in this direction.

If you have an altar, you could use the altar to do the rite, with your magic tools and such, burn some FU over for different purposes such as dissolving bad energy, exorcism, etc. Oh, right, who says the technician cannot carry lots of evil and bad energies? Your magic could have to clean him up more so he can do better too. You don’t need to know where and whom the magic will rain down on because as long as you have done it, the magic stays in the “ground” above, then it will connect to whatever and whoever is involved automatically.

You can also fire the sun kuet / gim kuet to send your gods toward the person’s altar, so their god at home can have more power to help them. Such as, in my case, you can send them toward my altar; then my god has more “manpower” to give me help and guidance.

In an emergency, people sometimes have the weird mindset of stealing or breaking in because it seems like the weakest time for most homes. If you have read the “moon” article, you should also know about the ghost problems attached to these stealing and robbing cases. Magic and the god’s power can help you reduce the chance of being robbed or people stealing from you because they can deal with the spiritual elements that caused the people to “want” to steal.

We try to be positive during the bad times, looking forward to a good result. However, many people with bad virtues could have started cursing and swearing at the involved people and beaming their negative energies toward them. Do you see how others can also be doing “magic” on the same people you are trying to help too? It’s magic warfare, and if you want the outcome to be good and positive, your magic is helping the people involved to win the battle over the evil side, including all those bad people doing the negative things at the back. If you hold back and just wait, being neutral, you are choosing to be a free target to be shot mid-way. As we always say, if you don’t choose, then people choose for you. There is no neutral; you can only be positive or negative. We want to be positive, killing all the evil ones who try to ruin things!

One-time help is good, but more is better. People facing hurdles for a few days or more would benefit from daily empowerment, not just one-time empowerment. For a stranger, our outsider, we could give them a quick one-time magic; for disciples who need help, we can give more help or even daily empowerment. It depends on the situation and how much you feel like giving and doing. At the same time, if you are the one facing the problem, you should update the people who are doing magic and give them an update so they know if you would need more help or not.

We have different hurdles all the time. With magic helping, your experience can be more pleasant, and the outcome will always be better than it should be. Magic power can help to make us faithful, focused, courageous, brave, aware, think faster, get better ideas, make better decisions, and even help us to pull through hunger, pain, coldness, anxiety, stress, anger, tiredness, brain fog, sickness and all sorts of things that kill us inside-out. Do not underestimate the influence magic can bring us.

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Ordain today, and start cultivating immediately because you never know when someone will need your help and when you might need help from the lineage!