Recruiting The Ghost Soldiers

Do you know that people who are dead and have nowhere to go are also looking for a job with good pay and protection? You might think that humans need money, so they need a job, but ghosts too? That is right, many people who passed away could be just hanging in the middle of nowhere and cannot get to their spiritual planet yet, so they are wandering around and waiting for someone to lead them somewhere. In the meanwhile, a lot of evil spirits or tyrants can be going around looking for prey and enslaved people. If you don’t want to be bullied as a ghost, you need someone stronger to cover you or a place to “hide.”

Like me, Taoist priests who have an altar will sometimes open our altar for job opportunities. For example, on these special days, like July 15th, we will open the place for these wandering ghosts to come and get a job here. If they like it and agree with the terms, they can stay inside the altar’s inner world and work for the altar as “Yin Troop,” also called the spiritual army.  The landlord deity will govern the whole army, but there is the sub-managers type that will take care of them in groups as well. For example, we have cultivated the five ghosts generals or other deities locally to use th

If the ghost agrees to stay and work, they will have a place to stay and be protected, which means a settled and happy life. We provide them with what they need, like “food” and shelter, and they work for us in return. When they have worked enough and earned enough credit, they can also be sent to the celestial court to cultivate further and eventually have a chance to reincarnate in Daai Law Tin (the place we want to go at the end!). There is no free lunch; they need to work for it as we do. However, it’s better than staying unprotected, wandering around, feeling scared and freaking out daily seeing things that you don’t even know what they are and such. The ghosts need someone to guide them, show them what to do, where they should go, etc. If you are a ghost, you would love it when you see a place like my altar open for hiring workers.

The Jobs

Ghost soldiers are very busy; they have many things to do for the altar. It’s not just fighting and war, but also going through training, learning to do the “office work” like managing data and files etc. Just like an office, the landlord department also has to do a lot of “paperwork” stuff that needs these extra helpers to handle. You can imagine what people do in an office; the ghosts can also be doing that thing, or even cleaning and tidying up the place etc. Some of them could be guards, helping you guard the door, looking out for dangers or threats, etc. If your house is facing a magic attack, these soldiers are there to help you block it away, inform the main army to prepare for battle, etc. There are just so many things that they can do for us.

After they have done their job, they also get paid by the local deities, like how humans get paid with money. With the “money” they got, they can use it to improve their lives and fulfill their desires. This means that the ghost can live a better and happier life as a ghost soldier.

Sometimes we need to send troops to each other’s altar to help; these ghost soldiers could be one of the “troops” too. They can help defend and work in the altar’s “office” inside the altar’s world.

How is it Done

The ceremony is not that “hard” to do; it is a lot of chanting. However, the main point is that you open the altar and offer the ghosts around a chance to know you are open and hiring people, then you allow them to come and join the event. If they want to become workers here, they will first choose to be ordained and become Taoists. Yes, a Taoist ghost! After they have agreed, then they will be staying and working. The local deities will take care of them and assign them jobs. It’s not like we have to “feed the ghosts” ourselves because that is the landlord’s job to deal with them. Our job is to open the offering and allow them to come and join the event.

However, an altar must be matured to handle the ghost troops, and some strong local deities must be present to handle the situation. Some weak altars, baby altars, cannot do it because the ghosts could be overpowering the landlord deity there, so it’s like the workers can bully the boss and overpower them back.

What Can You Do

So far, you or most disciples cannot do this yet, because you might not have an altar or the altar is still too baby stage at the moment. However, you can contribute to the ceremony at HQ here, so when we have trained the troops, the cultivated troops can be sent to you afterwards, which will be much safer for you. At least you will get the matured and conditioned troops, and not a newcomer ghost who is not even conditioned with the right mindset and skills yet.  

To get the troops from the HQ to power up your altar, you should get one of our “Troop FU” and burn it into the altar. These will be sanctified, and the troop be assigned for you when we do the big ceremony on the special day. We will send you the trained and cultivated troops, not the new ghosts, though!  The trained troops will help you with your magic work, defence, and helping out your landlord deity department on anything that needs to be done. Troops are so important, just like having more people on a team is always better than no one on the team! Get your FU today, and they will be sent after the weekend (after the ceremony on the 15th-18th).