Why Virtue Plays a Big Role in Emergency

This is part 3 of the series of articles “Water Outage Story” to “How Magic Help in Emergency,” which everyone should read and learn from. 

Many people are under stress in an emergency, but what is “stress,” to be exact? You feel stressed when your body has a lot of “chi” packed inside, which overwhelms your system, and you have no way to deal with it unless the source of these energies has been settled and stopped giving you more energies from above. When an emergency water outage happens, like in my apartment building today, thousands of people are affected. The people who live here, those who work at the building, and even those involved in the repairing and such.

When we see the water is out, we freak out. When the people who work at the building see the situation in the actual leak, they freak out even more. Everyone wants things fixed and restored, and because we have so much heart energy grouped into the pool, it became a huge “god” that beams its energy into the people who will repair the pipes. This is why the first line of response is always people who get stressed constantly because all the “extra energy” is being put into them. However, some energies are helpful; some are not.

For example, the upper level in charge of that technician might only want the people to work and not cause trouble so that he can keep his position and not be blamed.

Some people living here might vent in anger and demand things to be fixed and not think positively.

These people doing the job would get affected and influenced by this mixed pool of energies from the whole bunch of people at once, which could give them a lot of mixed feelings and influences.

This is why virtue is very important. When things like this happen, have faith in the people doing the job and don’t just know how to complain and vent your anger on this and that. The more negative energies you create, it all goes to the people fixing and doing the repairs for you, which is like you are cursing them already. It doesn’t help them do better but worse!

Evil God Vs Good God

Whenever one is cooking up their energies during this stressful time, they are all brewing up their spiritual embryo, which eventually becomes a “god” created in their location and will affect the overall outcome. If they have bad virtues and mindset, the god becomes an “evil god” who only does negative things toward the cause.  If they have good virtues and mindset, god will become helpful for the cause.

It's not just about what you think or feel about this specific case because the god is born from your heart, which means how good your heart was before, is the main factor determining if this god will be evil. How much have you cultivated into your heart, or how often have you taught your heart? Have you ever learned how to teach the heart to become a good heart?  Most people don’t because no one cares about this in school.

Here are a few things you should know about how a good god should be. Remember that god is just a clone of your heart; if you are not good, god is like that to you too.

Loyal to one – If you are a cheater, or you always betray your friends, your family, or even your wife, or if you are trying to split your love to three wives, that’s disloyal. Imagine your god does the same to you; he will not focus on helping you but maybe take what should be yours and give it to others.

Committed and helpful – once you decide to be loyal to one, you should always commit and output. Just like a good husband that is loyal to their wife should not hesitate whenever there is a chance to give to his wife. If you are always trying to keep things to yourself and always need the other side to make a deal with you before you give, that will be a bad virtue too. Love is not an exchange! You should learn to SACRIFICE for the one you love.

Faithful- The more faith you have, the more energy it pumps the other side up! Read up on ”worshipping.” Faith is to believe without the need for any evidence or proof. You believe and believe, no explanation needed, no question, no doubt, even if it is wrong, you still believe. Yes, even if it is wrong. What will your god do to you when the god is like that?  Well, even if you made mistakes, even you were wrong, even if you broke your promise FIRST, god would STILL help and help, giving you more opportunity after opportunity, because the faith factor was there, which allowed god to not give up on you and keep giving you another chance after many other chances.

This part might be the hardest for most disciples since they always want to be “fair” and be the “right” one. Sometimes I said something to a disciple, and they would return with, “oh, maybe you misunderstood me.” Well, why do you even have to think your master is “wrong” in the first place? Even if he did misunderstand you, you could still listen to him and do what he said. When he sees the result later, he will know he went wrong; then he will know how to correct you or bring you back on the “right” path. Imagine you work for a boss, and the boss tells you that he thinks you need a medium shirt, and you argue back that you need a large one. Do you see how you have failed already? As a faithful worker, you should accept and do it to let the boss see the result first. Accept first, and say yes, boss. Then do it, pick a medium and wear it, show him, and tell him it doesn’t fit you. He would see and tell you to change, then you change and show him again. Now he knows. As a lower, your order is always to FOLLOW the upper, not to resist or TEACH them things. Most people fail this because they don’t want to be “wrong” or “blamed.” However, you will see the benefit if you can pass this hurdle. If you are like that to your boss, what happens when you make mistakes later, and the boss fires you or gives you many chances? If my disciple doesn’t have faith in me and always wants to argue and fight to be the right one, when he is wrong later, I would not want to tolerate that disciple too. That’s a virtue; it bounces back on you later. Be like the humble water; accept and accept, even if it is wrong. If your upper is good, they will see they are wrong and bring you back on track. Have FAITH in them.

Honest- Honest here means keeping your word and not breaking your promise. When you say you will do it, then do it for real. Some parents promise their kids that they will bring them here and there, but they never do it, then the kid will lose faith in the parents. Same to you and the god you create. The more honest you are, the more honest the god is. Imagine a dishonest god helping you; the god would agree to help but not take action!

Grateful and Appreciative- You are grateful, then you would appreciate and give back to thank the giver. You should cherish what is given and love it. Some disciples are not grateful; they come to take and or ask for help when needed, but when they are happy, and well off, they disappear. If you are grateful, you should upkeep and cherish the source of help, not ditch it after using it. Some people are very bad with this but don’t realize it because it’s too obvious. For example, you use your computer when you need it and only care about how to use it, but you never take care of it and give back to it. Some people are like that; they only want to learn how to use things but not to upkeep and do maintenance. When trouble comes, they scream for help and freak out, showing how ungrateful and unappreciative they are; that is why they don’t cherish it by learning how to take care of it and give back to it.

Many people fail in these five elements, so the gods they created naturally are always “evil” to others. Therefore, how many non-evil gods are there in a flood or emergency? Maybe most of them are evil. That is why YOU, as a Taoist with magic power, should do magic to overpower these evils and help the situation eliminate all the obstructive forces!  Exorcise those crappy evil gods and energies, bring light to the people who need it, and the situation could be resolved much faster and easier. Now you see why exorcism is so practical. It’s not like you need to be all possessed by evil spirits and doing weird things; you need an exorcism. Magic is very helpful in many situations in life, but it all goes back to how well you have cultivated your heart.

Ordain today to learn more about how to cultivate your heart, and remember to learn magic and help more people in need. The more you use the magic, the more powerful you become, and the more your magic can do for you.