Tea and Liquor Offerings on Taoist Altar

On our Taoist altar, we offer tea daily, but on special occasions like when we are doing a ceremony, we will put up liquor as well. This is like part of the food offerings lesson, but I think this topic of tea and liquor deserves its own article since it is so important.  In this article, you will learn about the details on this matter!

The Symbolism

Giving tea means you want the other side to “absorb and understand”. We offer 3 cups of tea daily to ask the gods to please listen and understand our words when we are talking (when you burn incense, you talk to them.). The tea can be any tea, as long as your intention is right, then any tea is fine. Usually, I will scoop a small amount of tea leaf into each cup and then just add water. You can do the same or even cut open the tea bags and collect those powdered leaf and use them as “tea leaf”. If you have a few people hosting the altar together, like a family of four, then you can have a small teapot around with some tea inside, then the first person fill the cups half way only and leave it there. Next person can just symbolically pour in a tiny bit again and then the next person can do the same. That way you are not going to change 3 rounds or 4 rounds of tea in the morning, it’s more like you are just doing a symbolic version to relay what you want the gods to do.

Liquor symbolizes the hype and activation of the heart, meaning that you want them to START and DO things. When we are about to do a ceremony or need the gods to output their powers, we will offer liquor for the gods. Just like human drinking liquor, they get hyped!

How Much to Give

Three cups for the normal days, 5 cups for the big ceremony that involves the gods to do things for you. That’s basically the standard. However, there can be other combinations which you will learn in the future.

The cups itself, fill them half way or more. Don’t cheap out on your tea and liquor. Treat it as if they are for a real person. Also, make sure you wash the tea and liquor cups before your next round upload.

Pouring it Out

There are spells to say when you pour the tea out, which is to let the other side “drink” the tea.

3 Cups Spell


Giang Tian Tian Chieong, Giang Di Di Nieng,

Giang Yeen Yeen Chiang Cieong,

Waan Su Daai Gi Jiang, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng

 5 Cups Spell




Ya Giang Dung Fong Chieng Nong Gong,

Yi Giang Naam Fong Ju Chia Fi,

Saam Giang Si Fong Baai Fu Fu

Si Giang Beh Fong Xuan Wu Chong

Whuo Giang Jung Yiang Saam Noh Nieng

Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, establish the connection with the Tao and celestial court soon. Interested in reading more? Read our My First Taoism Book” to understand more about Taoism!