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How Often Should Taoist Burn Incense

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How Often Should Taoist Burn Incense

When we have our Taoist magic altar built, we must burn incense daily, and there is a reason behind it. Most people do not understand how Taoist magic works and most people thinks that an altar is just like a place where you gather up “magic tools” or even just to “worship” something. That is not how Taoist magic works. 

Here let us dig into the deeper meaning of the altar and how often you should be burning incense for the altar and why.

If you are ordained and learning in our lineage, you should be burning incense at least 2x to 3x a daily for the basic need of your altar. There are many ways to burn incense, and the first method you learn is called “Ching” incense, which is to take unused resources (essence) and store it into the altar and also allowing the altar to suck in pre-heaven essence from its surrounding into the system for later use. This is like a form of accumulating and saving of essence, which builds up your altar’s resource pool and so that you have more resources to use later on.

Every day, you should be doing this once in the morning and once a night, just to get your altar fed nicely. You can be doing one more in the afternoon too, it depends on your own schedule and preference.

When you learn more stuff in the lineage, there is another type of incense called the “Jing” incense, which is to do incense differently, with a bunch of “Jing” spells, or you can roughly say it is a cleansing spell routine, it helps you to pack in energies and push the unwanted energies out of your body and fee them into your altar, which allows the altar to digest them like it is the fertilizer for this “farm”.

In the morning, it is good to do the “Ching” incense, and at night it is good to do the “Jing” incense. We can always do more, but at least that is the basic.

Burning incense must be done properly too, and you don’t just randomly pick a bunch of incense and light them up on fire. The incense must be a certain number of sticks because it gives the proper command to the energies.

  • 1 incense will be used for connecting or transferring, or leaving a message to the altar, bridging over to someone or something etc.
  • 2 incense will be used for pushing things around or transferring.
  • 3 incense will be used for starting an action or work, it could be also for getting things stored into a system, which triggers the internal to start up. When we do these ching and jing incense, we must use 3, because we want the action to start. For Jing incense, sometimes we also use 5, for the “thundering and internal processing”.

These numbers are corresponding to the theory of 9 stars, nature’s creation pattern, which sets the foundation to all things in magic.

Burning incense is a serious matter because it is a way how a Taoist can communicate with the Taoist magic altar and work with energies.

You can look at the incense pot like it is the “heart” of your altar, and there is a bunch of soil (the ashes) in the pot. In order for the heart to start doing anything or acknowledge something, you burn incense and stab it into the pot, just like planting a tree in the ground. Once the incense is placed into the pot, the incense will suck up energy from within the pot and create energy to do work.

Having said that, burning incense is so serious, and we also need to understand where to stab the incense in order to map the incense pot properly and utilize the “farm” correctly, because the incense pot has different energies in the different sections according to your altar’s energy flow.

taoist incense pot

In general, Ching incense goes on the left side of your altar (when you see the altar, it is on your right side), and the Jing incense goes on the right side of your altar. If you are doing things like connecting to the lineage network and such, these “bring in energies” type of incense should be at the back, and the things you need to do and create new things, like how we do exorcism incense, FU talisman empowering incense, etc, things that need to create or have effect, will go to the center and front section of the pot.

Every day, we go to the Taoist magic altar and clean up before we change the tea and liquor etc. When we clean up the incense pot, we pull the sticks from yesterday (the stems) and put them all into the center.  After that is done, we take a small object and pad the ashes flat again, even it out and pack the ashes nice and smoothly so the ground is reset and even. After that is done, we will change out the food and such, then move on with the incense work of the day.

Every end of the month, before we do the Cheng Sun ceremony, we will clear out all the sticks from the incense, and reset the incense pot. This is to give our incense pot a refresh and restart, but on the first week of the month, we will be beefing up the incense sticks again and accumulating them into the center every day. This cleaning session is just like a form of concluding for the altar too.

The incense sticks are like the bones of your incense pot, and the packed up pile of sticks in the center acts as a bunch of “support power” for your altar’s heart (the pot) giving your magic work more and more power to do and execute the magic duty. If your pot is very empty and always emptied out, the energy cannot gather and condense in the pot, making your pot weak and not gathering up the energies you have stored in.

Tips for our disciples - it is always good to burn more incense in the day when you feel the urge to do so. Just like when you come home from work, burn incense 1x and say hi to your altar. Building a good relationship with your altar is important, because it determines if you can get your altar to do work for you properly in the future!

That is not all it, but at least this will give you an idea of how often and how we should burn incense with our Taoist magic altar. If you want to get ordained and start learning this right away, you can now get ordained without stepping out of your house. We offer distance ordain and learning!   Get your hands on some real Taoist magic and Taoism learning today!

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