Tea and Liquor Offerings on Taoist Altar

by Tin Jee | 16 February, 2022

Some basic knowledge and details on the offerings of tea and liquor on your altar and how you should do it, the spell for pouring them out and everything you need to know about it!

What is Fate 緣份

by Tin Jee | 16 February, 2022

A very important lesson for you to know how to establish, empower, and even to continue a connection with anyone, anything, any place and even to the gods above.

Food Offering Versus Sacrifices

by Tin Jee | 15 February, 2022

An eye opening lesson for you guys, many things in life can be given to the altar as a sacrifice and pump the energy of your altar up, don't miss out the good lesson!

Recovering Magic Power 補法

by Tin Jee | 13 February, 2022

What to do after being attacked by magic and lost a battle, what can you do to revive the magic power and make your god come back again?

Breaking Magic 破法

by Tin Jee | 13 February, 2022

What is breaking magic, how can it happen, what to do to avoid it happening and how to break other people's magic if you have to?

Sacrifices in Taoism

by Tin Jee | 13 February, 2022

This article have a lot of wisdom that you need to learn about sacrifice and how to use it to benefit yourself, your god will be so happy when you know what to do

Truth of the Taoism Celestial Troops

by Tin Jee | 11 February, 2022

Explains about the celestial troops, what they are, how they are born, and wyh other religious paths also have such a thing but in different names? What are these powerful troops?

How God Punish People in Taoism

by Tin Jee | 10 February, 2022

Gods in Taoism is not just about love, they also punish and destroy people if they are meant to be. Here is an article talking about how they can do it.

Why Taoism God Need Human

by Tin Jee | 10 February, 2022

How can we help the gods and how can we help to destroys the god's world by using our action and mindset? It is very important to know what NOT to do!

Working for the Celestial Court

by Tin Jee | 09 February, 2022

A more advance article for the Sun Lung Stage disciples and some newbies into Sun Lung stage, what are you obligated to do and what you should be doing as a Sun Lung Stage disciple...

Working for Gods

by Tin Jee | 08 February, 2022

What is so special about lunar Jan 9th, the Jade Emperor Anniversary, and also the day for all the disciples to show themselves to the gods and be a good officer

Righteous for a Taoist

by Herman Mak | 06 February, 2022

Being righteous is not that easy, sometimes you get challenged in life and if you fail to keep it up you can end up failing one after another thing because this virtue is the fundamental for all things.

Loyalty for a Taoist

by Herman Mak | 06 February, 2022

This is a very eye opening and deep lesson to teach you about the importance of being loyal, and how it can affect you and your life as a Taoist, or even destroy your life greatly if you have not fix your virtues today.

Heart Spell Cultivation

by Tin Bao | 05 February, 2022

Your second article to heart spells and cultivation to make the spells effective and useful for you. Here are the key elements to focus on.

Giving Back to the Three Realms

by Tin Jee | 30 January, 2022

One of the most important article on how to be a good disciple and keep up your connectivity with the gods, keeping a strong relationship going.

Why Burning Incense is Needed for a Taoist

by Tin Jee | 25 January, 2022

Burning incense is very important as part of our daily cultivation and routine, but what is the actual meaning behind it and why is it important, you will know after reading this post.

Why Should You Consume FU HEAD

by Tin Jee | 19 January, 2022

This is about the way to upgrade your magical powers in the lineage, and it is one of the most essential practice for all Taoist to know how to not let their magic power goes "dry".

How to Learn as a Taoist Disciple

by Tin Jee | 24 December, 2017

Real magic is hard work!  It's a difficult truth, but you can learn more about it in this article.